Saturday, July 11, 2009

You're GOLD! You're Indestructable!

Remember Spandeau Ballet? I put on this first color here, Essie Shift Power and the light of my life starts singing and then found the song on Youtube and sang it and we both had it in our head the whole day, so I decided to do a Gold Post.

This was an Essie clearance for $4.99. Kind of a lot for clearance.

It reminds me of real gold because it has a brushed look and it's soft and dentable. Seriously. I could still dent this after wearing it all day.

People bit gold coins (and Olympic medals) to tell if it is pure. The less pure gold, the harder. So this Essie polish is pure gold!!

China Glaze It's My Turn. Gold Holographic!! 'Nuff said. This is stunning.

I can't resist putting the close-up in here. Holographics. Buy Them.

This is OPI Oh So Glam.

White with a gold flash. Not super necessary. I used it in my flag manicure. It's pretty. So...yeah.

When stores put stuff up by the register for impulse-buy manipulation, they are totally thinking of me. I get sucked into that web with little to no resistance.

Orly (tiny un-named bottle of gold glitter). This is a good layering polish, but I wanted to show it by itself.

Look how chunky this glitter is! Also, it's different colors of gold, some really light, some very dark.

It looks like pepper.

Just to show you why I had to spend $2.50 for this tiny thing.

Awww..... look how cute! Momma and Baby.

Here's OPI Megawatt?! I'm trying to compare it to something and coming up empty. It's as if someone came up with a modern antique gold.

A very yellow gold, but cool in hue. Shiny, but not metallic. Shimmery, but not glittery.

Unusual! A hint of green.

This is a perfect example. This company makes Victorian picture frames, but it's a wood-resin composite with a finish. You can choose mahogany, walnut, bronze, etc.

This is antique gold.

The last of my golds is part of the Icing mini-multi-pack of shimmery things.

They had no names. This is the gold one.

This turns out to be my favorite! It's a soft, smooth, pale beauty of a gold.

Some of the Orly glitter is still there being stubborn, but isn't that something to see?

It reminds me of those expensive foils like Lippman Nefertiti, although you'd have to build it up or layer it to get the density of a foil.

And it was teeny and cute so I had to get it anyway. Here it is next to full-size Icing. One of these things is not like the others.

At first I thought the Pure Ice was the larger size, but it's not! Same bottle shape, same font, different company.

I would not consider gold anywhere near my favorite color for polish. I don't own hardly any gold jewelry, but it was fun to see what I had and put them all together. I suspect that everyone can find a gold that looks good on them. Gold has the magic gift of bringing out beauty in skin, no matter what shade.


  1. Thanks for all the golds! The Essie is really pretty like a bar of gold. The gold holo is gorgeous of course, as is all holo's. I have lots of different golds. I didn't think it was possible to have so many different varieties. I don't even wear gold much. I still had to try different ones.

  2. It's strange how much I like them! Not something I usually go to put on, but I feel like I should reach for them more often. They make me feel happy!