Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Tools Of The Trade

Anyone can do a home manicure with simple stuff. Here's the stuff I use.

I like cheap nail polish remover that smells like strawberries (sort of) because it doesn't dry me out as much as the pure acetone, which is even cheaper. That's an old kool-aid container that I keep cotton balls in and I throw them in the lid.

I like Nutra-Nail products because they are gentle. I used some Sally Hanson cuticle remover (green stuff) and I didn't wash it off immediately and one of my toenails came off! Horrible.

This is a container my son made for me that I keep shea butter in. Isn't it completely gorgeous?

My cuticles do not grow very thick, so I can use some gentle stuff like this. I use the side of tweezers to push them back and pick off the extra skin. I also keep a pair of cuticle cutters handy so I can clip of any hangnails.

I have a glass file for my nail edges, but I use an emery board for the sides of my nails because it's thinner. I tend to get some thick edges along the sides of my nails. I clip the edges sometimes instead of filing them because I'm impatient. Shorter nails are way easier to deal with than longer ones.

Glass files are nice because they don't wear out, but they are kind of thick.

Once I'm filed I wash my hands, put on a base coat, polish, top coat, cuticle oil and shea butter.

I buy this stuff at an Amish farm market. It comes in a little condiment container and it's like $4.00 and lasts forever and a day.

A little goes a looooong way. It's a bit greasy at first, but that goes away. I love it!

That's all you really need for nice looking nails. You can get way fancier, and I have some fancier stuff, but if you start simply you will probably get in the habit of taking care of them. I used to pick my nails and cuticles to death and always had sore and ragged hangnails. This feels much better, is healthier and got to be a great hobby for me.

Pedicure, same thing, if you can reach your feet. If you can't you can probably get them done about once a month or so to keep the cost down. I think it's important to take care of your feet too.


  1. thanx for the great tips hun
    and that container ur son made is gorjuz.
    take care =D

  2. Your container is beautiful. Is your son a potter? I love the color and the design. I love shea butter also. Really does an amazing job. That's amazing that the Sally Hansen took your toenail off! Must be strong stuff.

  3. That is a seriously cool container! I spotted some shea butter at the local beauty supply store where I got my Ruby Kisses polishes, I'll have to go back and pick some up.

  4. I love the Kool Aid container idea. I have a Country Time Lemonade one almost empty and now I know what I can do with it.
    I like to use Crystal Light containers to hold stuff. You can cover them easily with Contact Paper, or somthing else, to go with your decor.

  5. My son is going into 11th grade and made that in art class last year for my birthday! I'll pass along the praise to him, that's so nice of you all! Love the recycling idea for Crystal Light container. Lots of places have lotion with shea butter, but the stuff that's just raw is good too. Probably a little smoother if it's packaged.