Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Plum Duochrome - Gray, Green, Gritty, Gorgeous

I never would have bought this if my friend hadn't worn it. I swear these companies owe us commission. Lower thy prices, high-priced polish!!

OPI - Have You Seen My Limo? It's a little more stunning in the sun, of which there is none today, but the bottle and pics capture it well anyway.

Here's a closeup of the bottle.

Plumish, grayish, greenish.

On the nail you can really see the gray and green when you're inside, mostly plum outside.

It's a great dark plum with a twist. I love this polish.

Like I said, I never looked twice at the store and then my friend had it on and I was like, "WHAT is THAT???!!!!!" And I bought it that day.

As for the grittiness, I just love how a lot of OPI polishes have texture without glitter or too much shimmer.

They look so THERE, know what I mean?

So, OPI, my friend gets a portion of your proceeds. I never would have bought it without her. Also, I get a portion of your proceeds too because she buys a lot of stuff I wear and post.

We would like you to donate those proceeds to the Humane Society. Get right on that.


  1. That is a lovely shade. I have it on my "wants" list. Very pretty on you.

  2. Wow! I'll have to look and see if my ULTA has this shade, it's gorgeous! I probably have passed right by it. Looks great on you! Humane Society is a worthy cause ;)

  3. Lucy, I know, I wanted it as soon as I saw it!!
    Nicole, try a beauty supply store if you want it a couple of dollars cheaper. This definitely looks better ON.

  4. Oh and, yay Humane Society!! I got my lovey Joe from there. As my friend's bumper sticker on her car who had this color says: "Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die."

  5. Very pretty! I love how dark it is.