Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Good Summer Color

This is another Color Club, but not part of of the ElectroCandy stuff.

Bizerk Turq. Cute name.

It's a dark turquoise jelly. This is three or four coats. It applies a bit sheer, but thick.

I think this would be a nice pedicure color too.

It reminds me of Essie Greenport a lot, but darker.

When I'm nervous I pick my nails and I had picked this off within hours. That is REALLY BAD for your nails. Mine now have a couple of tears in the middle of the nail bed.

Anything that applies thick and needs more than two coats is pretty much done for with me by the end of the day. Not that I'm always nervous, but you know how it is.


  1. That's a gorgeous color. I'm the same way with thick polish. If there is the slightest chip or peel, it's getting picked off.

  2. Oh Kaybee! Please try not to do that anymore. You have such pretty nails and you don't want to see them ruined. This is a pretty color on you. It would be gorgeous on your toes.

  3. I tend to do the same thing with thick polish, especially when I'm at work and I get a chip, you can forget it. It's a horrible habit. This is a really cool color though!

  4. I know you guys!!!! Those peel-off polishes make me lust but I think it would reinforce a bad habit!!