Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The HD Is Not All That

I read a review of the Sally Hanson Hi-Definition nail polishes and they looked nice, but every time I saw them in the store they looked boring. Weird, that blue, green, purple etc. would look boring and it's in this really pretty HD deal that's supposed to look dimensional and futuristic and all.

Sally Hanson HD Hi-Res. In my opinion - it's boring!!!

I bought this dark pink because there was no red and you know my pink problem. And I was just bored by the blue, green, purple and yellow.

I'm bored by this too. It doesn't look special, just kind of shiny.

Oh well. It was buy one, get one half off, so I bought another Sally Hanson kind:

Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Extreme Wear - Brick Wall. I love that name.

I've heard that reds can get addictive. I'm feeling it. There are so many different reds, and I thought a brick color would be a nice change, something different.

It is different! It's a much darker red than other reds (although close to my Mandalay Ruby) but not brown in the least, not pink or orange in the least. Picture colonial brick with bright white mortar.

Here's the mortar.

OPI Alpine Snow. Four coats of it. It applied nicely, but I wanted it completely opaque. This does not work as a sheer at all. Streaky.

I was looking for a sheer white, but this didn't turn out to be that so I decided to do that RETRO look that I'll probably never wear.

Guess what? I really like this!! It's just so cool looking. I wish I had some mod dress to wear with it. Sadly, I'm wearing khaki's and a blouse. Anti-mod.

Maybe I'll have an outfit I can wear this with at some point. I actually would wear this again, but it's a special look. It would look nice with a big white ring. Hmmm.... like they have in Annie Sez..... uh oh.... I feel some shopping coming on..... I'm totally building an outfit around these white nails.


  1. very pretty colours,i love your nails

  2. I agree that the Hi-Res is pretty standard. But the purple and blues really are amazing.

  3. I love the OPI Alpine Snow it looks really good on your nails

  4. Nails-In-Aus, thanks so much! I can't believe I'm getting complimented on them! Nurturing them really makes the difference. I always thought my nails were hopeless.
    Nosaby, you're making me want to buy them!
    Princess, thanks! I was really surprised that I liked that look!

  5. I like the HD colors. They have a nice glow to them. Some do look more of a frost finish. Now the Extreme Wear are another story. I am suprised by the gorgeous colors and the finishes. I love their glitters! I bought my first back up of Disco Ball. I love the shade and all the shimmer in it. The Brick Wall your wearing is fabulous!Looks really beautiful on you. I love reds, I don't wear them often. I forget how gorgeous they are. Alpine Snow is also gorgeous on you. It doesn't look streaky on you at all.

  6. I keep looking at Disco Ball and thinking of Lady Gaga. Think I should buy it? I don't know if it's worldwide, but CVS is having the buy 1 get one half off of all Sally Hanson, no matter what type. Sally Hanson is all world domination lately aren't they? I don't usually like their quality, but the Extreme Wear and the Salon ones are great!

  7. I love Hi-Res on my toes, but when I tried it on my fingers, I wasn't super-impressed. The Alpine Snow looks gorgeous on you!

  8. ooohhh the brick wall nail polish is gorg!imma get it