Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Good Summer Red

I need to be in court for work tomorrow and started putting on a really dark red and I thought to myself, "Self, what would be a good summer red instead of this dark vampire red?" And I answered myself,

"Self, that would be Sally Hanson Insta-Dry - Racey Rouge, of course."

I'm not a fan of the Insta-Dri family as a whole. I find them streaky and dull. This one applies fine though and I like the bright cherry red. The brush is okay; it's a cool shape, you know, but I find that it makes a weird point when you press down and it's a little hard to fit on my nails.

You know what? I miss my longer nails! These feel a little stubby now!

Seriously, nobody is more surprised than me that my nails grew past the tips of my fingers and were fairly strong and unpeeled. I think I got freaked out and cut them short because I wasn't ready for being a superstar.

This is an older China Glaze holographic called He's Going In Circles that I layered over that Pure Ice I had on yesterday. It's pretty sheer on its own.

That bottle was in bad shape in the clearance bin.

It looks fantastic! I'm glad I bought it.

Whilst I wait for my nails to grow I will continue swatching random things. Boy do I ever want that Nubar Wildlife, but I don't feel like buying the whole collection. I wish they'd sell those things separately.


  1. Nubar DOES have each of its Going Green collection for sale individually...
    and they have a 25% discount off any $100 purchase plus an entry into a contest to win $100 free products of your choice! The code is good through tomorrow, 31july2009: DRAW25

  2. I've never used the Insta-Dri's. I guess they have to be very thin in order to dry fast. It is a pretty color on you. Love the holo as a topcoat. That's a nice look to do when your tired of your polish.

  3. LOL! Your posts always crack me up! You're so funny and I look forward to your posts everyday.
    I have heard that the Insta-Dry polishes aren't very good, and I haven't bought any for myself. I like that red though, it's very pretty. :)
    I like the layering you did, as well. :)

  4. AARGH!!! Wild Life is sold out!!!! Thanks anyway Wixology, I appreciate the info.
    Lucy, thanks for your comments, you brighten my day!
    Olivia, thanks!! Such a compliment that I crack you up. It's what I live for! Thanks for reading.

  5. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.