Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Swatching Some Stuff

This polish is pretty. It's just so pretty. I heard about it all over the place and found it on sale so I bought it but never tried it. I knew it would be fine. This is one of the polishes that as soon as I started brushing it on I thought to myself, "Wow."

Barielle Date Night. This is from last winter or something. My local CVS doesn't have any of the spring or summer ones.

This is a really nice green. It's not overly Christmassy like Emerald City (which I love and I'll post soon) and it has a nice mossy color.

It also has a pretty green shimmer.

Since I'm in "work appropriate" detention lately, unfortunately, I have to take this off.

Otherwise I would wear this tomorrow. I'm loving it.

Ok, off to a couple of other colors. Here are two more CQs that I bought.

Sienna Cream. I didn't have high hopes for this and I was pleasantly surprised.

The bottle looks much like baby poop.

On the nail though, it has a nice mauve base to the light brown and it's very pretty and just slightly unusual.

Here's a promising bottle:

CQ All Heart. Lots of thick gold glitter in what looks like a sun-dried tomato color.


Yeah, not so much. The first coat was tomato and it got redder. The gold glitter became glittery red. It's pretty, but all the glittery reds are pretty. I'd pass on this one.

After the red I swatched a sheer on that same hand. Should've done that the other way around.

Orly My Beau. I think this is a wedding-type one. It's a nice sheer that isn't pink. It's a strong ivory and it takes on the natural pink of my nails so it works and looks very clean.

This might possibly work for a french manicure. The white part of my nail is very wide even though my nails are short so I don't really like the look of a french manicure on me and it's pretty, but boring. Give me a Date Night over that any day.


  1. Nice colors you've choosen. I've never heard of CQ polish. I really like the baby poop color, haha! It's a shame the other one doesn't come out bottle color, but it's still pretty. I don't own any Barielle. I love this green, very nice. The sheer Orly, ick. Not liking this one much. Can't please us all only yourself. Thanks for your blog. I really like it.

  2. Thanks Lucy, your comments always make me feel happy. I like when a suspect-looking color comes out kind of cool. And you're right - pleasing yourself is most important!