Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I Wear Brown?

This polish looks just like Hershey's chocolate in the bottle. I have Maybelline New York Express Finish 50 Second Nail Color - (There's no name! I hate that! That's half the fun) I'm naming it Hershey's Chocolate, even though I'm breaking copyright laws. Those long brand names kill me. 50 seconds for the first crap coat and add an exponential 50 seconds for each coat after that.

There is a surprising amount of plum color in this. I didn't expect that from the look of the bottle.

I do not recommend this color. Application is difficult, there is an uneven brush and cuticle pull, there is nothing to recommend it. The color is okay, but you can build up anything into a passable color. There are better options out there. I don't remember how much I paid for this, probably around 4 dollars in the drugstore. Beauty supply stores or online gives you more quality for less money.

I'm also feeling like this is not a stylish look right now. Sometimes I like doing the opposite of what the season or the style is about, for example, a soft lilac in the middle of winter, but I'm not feeling this dark brown today. I'm gonna go ahead and wear it to work though. Give it some love. It looks like chocolate syrup. That's all right with me.

Maybe some decals? A ring?

I'll post later with an update.

UPDATE: I figured out how best to accessorize this color:


Ok Maybelline Express Finish 50 Second Nail Color - Hershey's (tm) Chocolate, you have won me over. Especially because you look cute with these shoes.

Disclaimer: this is not a real pedicure. I just applied it to the visible toes for illustrative purposes, and it's badly done and it's thickly applied on top of previous pedicure.

Payless! $14.99. Cute! I love gingham.

I'm looking up this polish next time I'm PMSing, and now I'm going to eat that Hershey bar. It's been killing me all day to not just pose with an empty wrapper.


  1. you always have very nice application!!

  2. Thank you! Usually with a really dark color I don't get near the edges of my nail. It looks neater and I think my nails look more of a uniform width. Dark colors can make the width sizes really stand out between the middle and ring finger.

  3. Looks like you dipped your fingers in chocolate syrup. Pretty chocolate but I have one in Misa I think. I haven't worn it yet, maybe in the fall. It does look adorable with your shoes. Which I absolutely love!! I love gingham also. I used to play dress up with a pink gingham skirt that was my Aunt's. It would look perfect now in the summer. I loved to spin around in it.

  4. What is it about spinning around in a flowing skirt...I still do that! We never outgrow that. Pink gingham sounds so awesome, these shoes would look cute in pink.

  5. That color looks great on you!