Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Possibly Work Appropriate Green

I said POSSIBLY. Depends where you work. Where I work nothing is stated, but everything is implied. With a disapproving look. This is Milani Original.

Not super original though. I think we've all seen half a million pastel green cremes.

The ad said it was part of a "retro" line. 'Scuse me? Retro from when? The future? I've been around for awhile and don't remember green nail polish being much of a trend before now. I'm tired of ad copy treating us like we're stupid.

I'm so bored. Let me just....

China Glaze Frostbite I love you!!!! You feed my soul!!!!!

Okay, let's talk about the good:

1) It looks passingly like those expensive mint polishes that are pretty hot right now.

2) It reminds me of the green mint substance inside what we call "Ande's Candies."

Things are reminding me of chocolate lately. MMMmmm.....

3) The price is good. Milani polishes are only $3.99. I approve of that. I think we should all be able to afford to adorn ourselves.

4) Milani has trendy colors, unusual combinations of glitter and lots of variety in finishes (cremes, metallics, frosts, glitters, etc. etc.)

5) If you are environmentally and chemically sensitive, the formula is 2 free - says right on the bottle. No TFF and DBP.

The bad:

1) You can find these same colors, and finishes in more or less expensive brands, but the quality is going to be so much better elsewhere.

2) The formula is gloopy and needs more than two coats to look even, but more than two coats looks too thick. True of every Milani I've tried.

3) I don't like what the bottle looks like. I don't know why. I guess that's kind of a dumb reason.

4) If it's 2 free, why not 3 free? Why did they keep the other chemical? What's the benefit? Don't make me wonder stuff like this! Either you're 3 free or you're not! Don't hand me 2 free. It just confuses me.

5) I don't usually have issue with wear because I change polish so often, but, by the end of the day I'm peeling this Milani off of myself. It seems to thicken and dull out and warp over time on the nail.

Compared to Orly Green Apple out of curiosity. Not very close, but in the same neighborhood.

At the beauty supply store the Orly was probably about $1.50 more and I've worn it many times. More worth the money if you divide cost by numbers of times you wear it. Makes sense, and I'm not even good at math. (Secret Hint: this is also a good way to rationalize buying an expensive pair of shoes or whatever your weakness is)

If you see it around, I recommend steering clear of Milani brand, no matter how tempted you feel. I have not been impressed by any of them, and you can definitely find the same thing in a better brand.

In happy news, I replaced my OPI DS Original, as I said, but I want to show you the packaging.

I've never seen so much packaging for nail polish! To discourage shoplifting perhaps because of the amazingness? There's probably a magnet in there.

It's inside a plastic insert inside the box! I think I should leave it there and return it after every use. That shiny silver top is slippery: do not put it in your mouth and expect it to stay there!!!


  1. Please no more DS Original accidents! I've never used Milani polish. I usually buy the Opi's and such. I figure if I have to use many coats than it's just not worth it. I buy most of my polish online. The prices are better. I love the Frostbite shade. That's really pretty on you.

  2. I've only bought ManGlaze and RBL (when it was 50% off) online. Do you do ebay or the actual companies? My DS Originals are being treated with much more respect these days. And I agree about the coats of polish. If a color is sheer, but thin and it takes a bit to build it I don't mind so much if it looks good at the end of that. I hate a thick lumpy coat of polish. I can't help but pick at it.