Friday, July 3, 2009

Hella-Graphic Porch Smash

That would be a good band name. Feel free to use it. Ideas are all part of the zeitgeist, none of us own them.

Yes, holographic nail must own one. I have two OPI ones that are fabulous. A dark blue and a light purple.

This is DS (designer series) Glamour. It took only two coats and any more would have been unnecessary.

Awesome. What more can you say? What a pretty blue. These were prohibitively expensive, however. I think about $12.99 in the beauty supply store.

Here's the light purple. I think it's called DS Original.

It's a lilac color! Love it! This was very sheer and with two coats looks pink, so it's versatile. This is four coats. It gets darker and darker.

Wondering where the bottle is?

Hence the "porch smash" part of the title.

I had both bottles and stuck this one in my mouth so I could take a pic of the blue one and it FLEW out of my mouth. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. I will pay to replace this. I've worn it many times and I want to wear it again.

Speaking of sharp tools, check this out!

I'm pretty sure I can sharpen nail clippers and cuticle nippers and tweezers with this.

Other sharpening stones are shaped like a block and it's not possible to get the edge onto the stone. I think this spike might work. My intention is to not have to keep buying tools. I love when they are sharp and accurate and I hate when they get dull and I have to replace them. That could get expensive too. I'll let you know if it works. Total of about $15 to keep sharp tools. A good clipper can cost even more than that.

My pedicure today is intentionally conventional. You've all seen a cheery coral summer pedicure at least four million times a day. I'm to the point that I'm so tired of being rebellious that I have to rebel against myself and do something conventional.

This is China Glaze A Rose Among Thorns. The label fell off, but I remember because I love that name.

This color is hard to describe because it can look orange, tomato red, bright coral, and hot pink. This color is VERY different from what I usually use, so for me, it was a real change!

It is really cheerful and pretty. Four million women can't be wrong, right?

Two more things: holographic when not in the sun is still pretty.

It looks like a metal mug that I used to drink hot chocolate out of.

You couldn't even touch it or drink out of it until the drink was cooled down or you'd burn yourself.
Mine didn't say Stratosphere. Imagine grabbing that handle and it's scalding hot?

I have to show you a close up, full-on sun.

It looks so much more depthy in 3D. Really, you gotta get one.

China Glaze makes good holographics too. They're usually more expensive, but well worth it. Kids love holographics!! They go, "OOOOOoooooo!!!!!"


  1. OMGoodness... you broke a DS....

    Poor thing! =Lotsa love sent your way ♥

    These polish are both gorgeous, as soon as I find DS glamor in my region for less than $8.00 Canadian I am soooo buying it.

    Your blog is lovely and I love all the polish photos & shoes you show us = Thankyou!

  2. Can you believe it?? The $1.99 ones I could probably drop from the roof. Thanks for the love, I feel it! I feel better!

  3. Oh no!!!! Not a holo, what a disaster. That would happen to me too. The cheap one would last forever. Love your shoes and the polish. Very nice and classy. I've always loved those metal mugs. Not good that they get so hot. Do they hold the heat?

  4. By the time you can safely pick up the mug,let alone put your lips on it, your drink is cooled off quite a bit.