Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beloved

Yes, this is my beloved polish.....

Orly Cashmere Cardigan. Feast your eyes.

This is not lilac and not purple.

There's enough blue in it to preclude it from either lilac or purple.

Yet, it doesn't really look blue either.

I truly love this. I'm wearing it today and maybe tomorrow. Two coats does the job, and it applies kind of thick, so two is really all you need.

This color makes me feel good. It's calming yet eye-catching. Flattering, and looks great with anything. This should be showing up at beauty supply stores soon because I think it was a spring 2009 color, along with Country Club Khaki, which I wore a few days ago. This one is so cool though.... I love these colors that make me think, "That's different."


  1. I have that, also, and I love it. I agree with you about the color. Not quite lilac, not quite blue. Very unique.

  2. I have this one also. It is a beautiful cornflower blue. Maybe that's the shade? Whatever it is it's a pretty very flattering polish on you.

  3. Hey, was this a popular one or what? Thanks for the comments! Lucy, I think cornflower blue is exactly what it is. You are awesome with color names!