Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something Unusual Found in Atlantic City

We were shopping at The Walk, a bunch of outlets in AC, and I found this, My Blue Heaven in Icing. It's a grey dark-medium blue, murky, and gets a bit of heathery vibe to it. It's very different from anything I have and looks sort of like a franken! Here it is, (ahhh! nails are wet, can't get the cords to the camera out right now! )

So I'll continue soon lol.

Ok, here's Icing My Blue Heaven.

I put on three coats, the last quite thick and some Seche Vite, also quite thick on wet polish. It looks cool! I love stuff that's "different." I'll share the rest of that stash too. Got a green a yellow and the set of little Icing sparklies that were quite unnecessary, but I'm attracted to shiny things.
The green is Lucky Luis, the yellow is Cosmic and the sparklies are not named! Do they even look different from each other?? The one in the middle is kind of bluish, the one on the left kind of pinkish, one is silvery and the other two are gold, one with a touch of green in it.

I'm going to do my son's girlfriend's nails in Lucky Luis (which I'm appreciating because I live in an area of New Jersey where there are a lot of Mexican immigrants) and penguin decals because she loves green and penguins! The penguins will be blurry for sure, but I'll put a pic anyway. They are so cute and have pink feet and beaks. I love doing other people's manicures and pedicures. Even my boyfriend, who loves the pampering. He'd probably let me do a color on his toes. Most likely. (I'll put a pic for sure!)

My son just told me to take the pic in macro and it comes out clearer because the pic is bigger. I have so much to learn!! Anyway, aren't the penguins so cute??!! One already fell off though. Those are difficult to deal with. I always get my hair caught in them or I pick them to death. I love 'em though. Love the cute girlie girl stuff!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Frankening - Frankenlayering?? Nfu Oh 51 !!!!!

Here is the REAL Nfu Oh 51. I'm putting it at the beginning to show you a beautiful pic because my pics suck. This is from The Polish Addict, a lovely blog, and I'm giving full credit.

Now for my own pics, for which I don't particularly want to take credit, but what are you gonna do. I'm a NUBE.

I created my own Nfu Oh 51. Sorta. I layered stuff and it happened accidentally, but I think I'm on to something. Check this out.

I know, awful picture. Let me see if I can get this other camera to work and then I'll tell you how I did this and show you a pic of the real thing.

Naturally, I don't OWN the real thing!! I'm lemming it for sure. Scrangie has a nice pic and I think if I give her credit, she wouldn't mind me posting it. I give Scrangie all the credit in the world!! Couldn't find one I could download, but check out her blog, it's really good.

Clearer, but still very bad. Especially that carpet. Whew.

Instead of frankening by mixing everything, I layered and stacked things up. I used four polishes, Brucci Blue Sapphire, Pure Ice Cheatin, a Bon Bons bar glitter (do these have names?) and OPI That's All Bright With Me.

The Brucchi is a brand I find in Tilton Beauty Supply (The South Jersey (better) version of Sally Beauty) and it's a very dark blue shimmer. The Pure Ice is a thick blue and pink glitter, but takes a few coats to build up, so there are two coats of that. Then two coats of the Bon Bons, which is a strongly hot pink and blue bar glitter (found Pure Ice and Bon Bon at Walmart) and just a strip of the OPI in the middle of the nail creates the yellowish center. I think I'd prefer a gold glitter for that though, so I'll be on the lookout. I don't actually have a gold glitter although I saw a nice one in Walmart yesterday. That's All Bright With Me is a bright yellow sheer shimmer. (I need to return that Hannah Montana bracelet anyway lol what was I thinking? I'm 40 years old)

I'm going to add pics to my previous blogs where I was complaining about not having the pics, so feel free to read my dearth of archives! I think there are four.

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Broken Bottle!

Yesterday I bought one of those tiny little Essie bottles - so cute!! It was a frosty reddish pink, more red and I was sure the frost was more of a bottle effect, but I wanted to try. I also got some clearance stuff, so it was all in the bag together. I went to pick it up out of the bag and the bottom of the bottle fell off! It was all over the place, and all over my hands.

I'm wearing another clearance deal - Essie Hot Commodity. It was $2.99. A densely packed with multi glitter dark red. I've got three heavy coats because it was kind of gloopy. Could stand some thinner, but I don't have time for that. Too busy procrastinating work. This is like a redder, glitterier version of Metropolitan. I forget who makes that, but I like that color too. It's a little bit browner.

See, I had to take the Cashmere Cardigan off because my little broken Essie got all over it.

Pictures soon! I'll go back and edit and add all the pictures I'm missing right now.

The light in this dining room is truly terrible. There's a yellow glass fixture overhead so you can imagine. Makes me feel sick. No wonder I don't want to work.

So I'm trusting my Seche Vite (which is also thick and gloopy) to take care of the thick, gloopiness of this polish before I try to do anything else today. Seche Vite is really good and worth the money. The Sally Hanson Insta-Dri does dry the polish, but it gives a really cheapo finish, kind of like a sandwich bag after the sandwich has been in it. Cloudy, kind of greasy. Not to the touch, just looks like that. Seche Vite gives a nice smooth bright coat, not too too shiny, just very neat and finished.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post every day?

I think it's the only way to get people to read the blog. Nobody wants to check it and see the same old thing all the time. It's a time commitment. And I need photos. And a new name. See, I've been thinking!

Still wearing Cashmere Cardigan. That's another thing...gotta change the manicure up - a lot! Except for people who do a lot of photos in one day I guess and then just post them. It's like another job! Duh. Why did it take me so long to realize that?

Every time I look around at the world I see nail polish colors. Especially on cars.

Cashmere Cardigan is wearing like iron, as they say. And I still love the color! I guess I should put some obnoxious decals on them and it will make me want to change it. Cool color that makes you not even want a change.

I won't do it tonight though. I have hockey and the glove messes up any new manicure. As I can tell you from experience. For some reason it doesn't break my nails anymore though. I always wonder if anyone is noticing my cool nails when my hands are out of the gloves. We pick up the pucks and put them in a bucket and I take that opportunity to admire my nails. Probably I'm the only one. Buncha guys.

And I have to change the name because I won't always be Kaybee! More like Kayem. Which doesn't sound very good. KayEm. Ok I think I have an idea. Kay Nails It. Yeah. I like.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back with new technology

It's been many months because I was intimidated by other blogs, but now I'm inspired again. Also, I have a new laptop! Mother's Day. So awesome! I just wanted some cake. And my son wrote me a poem which was the coolest. And I'm really going to get the camera out and experiment because I have a usb that works now. But I'm going to write anyway until I get the camera going because that's what Scrangie did and I admire her blog most.

I'm wearing Orly Cashmere Cardigan and I love this color. It's a tiny bit too purple to be periwinkle, but it's close. I could put a sheer blue on top and probably get it there. Maybe tonight. I'm happy because something I had to do for work that involved getting up super early is being done by someone else so I'm writing my happy little heart out.

My nails are a lot like All Lacquered Up. I forget her name. Michelle? They are detached so I can't get them very long. The biggest problem is that I'm a clumsy oaf and I always hurt myself by catching them on things. So I keep them short and lately they've grown nice and I need to file them or even cut them. My cuticles are in the best shape of their lives thanks to nail blogs. I'll get a picture up soon. I ruined one yesterday during a boring training though. I tend to pick. I keep a nail clipper in my purse and I try to clip any hang nails immediately because otherwise I pick and destroy the whole area. But cuticle oil soothes them. I also love plain, raw shea butter.

Shea butter comes right from a tree in Africa. I buy it in a plastic condiment holder at this amish market place. Totally cheap. It smells kind of weird, but you don't need much and it is very smooth after it's rubbed in. Very good for cuticles and feet. I keep it in a beautiful pot that my son made for me. I'll put a picture of that in here too!

I haven't counted my polishes, but my sister lined them all up on the table sorted by company name and declared my collection "excessive." My dream is to have a mirrored, lighted cabinet and display them in there. My top 20 all together.

My new favorite is Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War because it is so UGLY!!!! I love it!!! I took advantage of the 50% off sale. I got the floral spice lotion too (cuz I had to.) It's okay. But the polish! I love it. I got Bruised and Dead Calm. I haven't tried Dead Calm yet, but Bruised was cool. Kind of like a cream version of Essie Rock Star Skinny if you can believe that. Very work-friendly. Not that I care about that!