Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post every day?

I think it's the only way to get people to read the blog. Nobody wants to check it and see the same old thing all the time. It's a time commitment. And I need photos. And a new name. See, I've been thinking!

Still wearing Cashmere Cardigan. That's another thing...gotta change the manicure up - a lot! Except for people who do a lot of photos in one day I guess and then just post them. It's like another job! Duh. Why did it take me so long to realize that?

Every time I look around at the world I see nail polish colors. Especially on cars.

Cashmere Cardigan is wearing like iron, as they say. And I still love the color! I guess I should put some obnoxious decals on them and it will make me want to change it. Cool color that makes you not even want a change.

I won't do it tonight though. I have hockey and the glove messes up any new manicure. As I can tell you from experience. For some reason it doesn't break my nails anymore though. I always wonder if anyone is noticing my cool nails when my hands are out of the gloves. We pick up the pucks and put them in a bucket and I take that opportunity to admire my nails. Probably I'm the only one. Buncha guys.

And I have to change the name because I won't always be Kaybee! More like Kayem. Which doesn't sound very good. KayEm. Ok I think I have an idea. Kay Nails It. Yeah. I like.


  1. You play hockey! Cool. I like photos but not a zillion. I own the Orly polish but haven't worn it yet. Load of polish and only ten fingers. What's a girl to do! I do the same thing and admire my own nails. Not everyone is a nail fanatic like us.

  2. So true! Not everyone gets it! I have a pic of me in hockey gear, but I'll spare ya. lol! I love it, I scored a goal a few weeks ago. Just playing in an adult beginner league, but it's so much fun. I'm not the only girl, there a two others I've seen here and there!