Thursday, May 14, 2009

Broken Bottle!

Yesterday I bought one of those tiny little Essie bottles - so cute!! It was a frosty reddish pink, more red and I was sure the frost was more of a bottle effect, but I wanted to try. I also got some clearance stuff, so it was all in the bag together. I went to pick it up out of the bag and the bottom of the bottle fell off! It was all over the place, and all over my hands.

I'm wearing another clearance deal - Essie Hot Commodity. It was $2.99. A densely packed with multi glitter dark red. I've got three heavy coats because it was kind of gloopy. Could stand some thinner, but I don't have time for that. Too busy procrastinating work. This is like a redder, glitterier version of Metropolitan. I forget who makes that, but I like that color too. It's a little bit browner.

See, I had to take the Cashmere Cardigan off because my little broken Essie got all over it.

Pictures soon! I'll go back and edit and add all the pictures I'm missing right now.

The light in this dining room is truly terrible. There's a yellow glass fixture overhead so you can imagine. Makes me feel sick. No wonder I don't want to work.

So I'm trusting my Seche Vite (which is also thick and gloopy) to take care of the thick, gloopiness of this polish before I try to do anything else today. Seche Vite is really good and worth the money. The Sally Hanson Insta-Dri does dry the polish, but it gives a really cheapo finish, kind of like a sandwich bag after the sandwich has been in it. Cloudy, kind of greasy. Not to the touch, just looks like that. Seche Vite gives a nice smooth bright coat, not too too shiny, just very neat and finished.


  1. I tried to thin the Seche Vite with a regular polish thinner and it didn't work. I had to buy Seche Vite thinner. It does get thick fast. I like your description of the Sally Hanson. Very apt description. What a shame about the polish. I've never had that happen to me. Hope it doesn't. What a mess!

  2. I didn't know they sold a thinner. I'm at the point where it's stringy coming out of the bottle. It sure works well though.