Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something Unusual Found in Atlantic City

We were shopping at The Walk, a bunch of outlets in AC, and I found this, My Blue Heaven in Icing. It's a grey dark-medium blue, murky, and gets a bit of heathery vibe to it. It's very different from anything I have and looks sort of like a franken! Here it is, (ahhh! nails are wet, can't get the cords to the camera out right now! )

So I'll continue soon lol.

Ok, here's Icing My Blue Heaven.

I put on three coats, the last quite thick and some Seche Vite, also quite thick on wet polish. It looks cool! I love stuff that's "different." I'll share the rest of that stash too. Got a green a yellow and the set of little Icing sparklies that were quite unnecessary, but I'm attracted to shiny things.
The green is Lucky Luis, the yellow is Cosmic and the sparklies are not named! Do they even look different from each other?? The one in the middle is kind of bluish, the one on the left kind of pinkish, one is silvery and the other two are gold, one with a touch of green in it.

I'm going to do my son's girlfriend's nails in Lucky Luis (which I'm appreciating because I live in an area of New Jersey where there are a lot of Mexican immigrants) and penguin decals because she loves green and penguins! The penguins will be blurry for sure, but I'll put a pic anyway. They are so cute and have pink feet and beaks. I love doing other people's manicures and pedicures. Even my boyfriend, who loves the pampering. He'd probably let me do a color on his toes. Most likely. (I'll put a pic for sure!)

My son just told me to take the pic in macro and it comes out clearer because the pic is bigger. I have so much to learn!! Anyway, aren't the penguins so cute??!! One already fell off though. Those are difficult to deal with. I always get my hair caught in them or I pick them to death. I love 'em though. Love the cute girlie girl stuff!


  1. That is an adorable manicure. I also like "different" colors. My favorite polishes are Poison Ivy and Green Goblin by BB polish.

  2. Thanks! I want to try that Green Goblin too. I see everyone posting that one. I usually put some random decals on when I don't have time to do a new manicure but I'm bored looking at what I have. Some of them are so weird and cute!