Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I dupe myself

This is Essie Priceless that I bought for $2.00 (lol) at the beauty supply store. It's not a dupe, really, but it reminds me a lot of China Glaze Metropolitan, but I like Metropolitan a whole lot better, so this is only reminding me that I don't like the brown version of it very much. It looks less chocolatey than that IRL and not in the sun, but it's very densely flecked and dimensional and should be pretty, yet it's not. Perhaps thence the bargain bin.

Here's a MUCH better pic of My Blue Heaven and my random decals that I put on when I get sick of a color and have no time to change it. (22 was my high school field hockey number and the star was way cool, red and purple)

My camera skillz.....they increase.

These pics are cropped and all. The monkey is just awesome. Same card as the penguins. I think the little girl decals are the most fun to use! I'll get a close penguin pic yet, you watch. You also get to see my cuticles-in-progress. I still struggle to keep them healthy, but I don't pick them off anymore, I clip them and I keep them oiled up. It really helps. And the oil is very soothing when you accidentally tear one.


  1. I really like My Blue Heaven. Like a slate blue. Same color as a favorite shirt I had. The Essie Priceless is a nice shade. Cute decals. I always like the little girl decals best too.

  2. Yes, slate blue, that's it!