Monday, June 15, 2009

Metallic Pedicure

One of my favorite things to do is match my toes to my shoes. (Did you realize toes and shoes are spelled much the same, but they do not rhyme?)

Metallic polish and metallic shoes - what could be better! These shoes are from Marshalls or Ross and were probably around $12.00.

The polish is Milani - Key Lime Shine, (probably bought this at the drugstore CVS) and I have some major problems with it.

1) It doesn't make me think of Key Lime. It's metallic - since when do you name metallic things after pie?
(Here it looks gray, but it has a nice mellow verdi gris effect. I would have named it Tarnished Silver.)
2) I had to add a lot of Seche Restore because this polish was the gloopiest, thickest most difficult bunch of slop to ever stick to a brush.
3) Application showed such horrible brush strokes that I ended up putting on about four way-too-thick coats to try to get it looking okay.

This picture makes me laugh because I stuck my foot up on the desk, right under my light, between my laptop and computer. I'm surprised it came out so well!

The picture, not the polish...yuck.

But it looks really pretty with the shoes, doesn't it? And seriously, you don't notice mistakes much when you look at feet. It's a holistic, gestalt effect going on way down there.

I have an awesome metallic blue I'll have to show you some time that looks fantastic with these sandals.


  1. love the pedi it really suits the shoes hehehehe nice colour

  2. It's what's important in life. Thanks!