Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I had an English Bulldog a few years ago and he would sit on his butt so his footies stuck out. They just had to be called footies.

This is my mani and pedi from previous blog and I'd been wanting to match that ring. How about that!

Some people feel weird about their feet. A lot of people feel really weird about other people's feet. I don't mind them though, and I like doing pedicures for other people too.

Here are my footies....

They've been through a lot. I had surgery for bunions on both feet and my pinkie toe on the right side had surgery to straighten it out. I do have a left pinkie nail, but that toe didn't get straightened! Poor thing.

The polish is Orly Blue Collar. I like Orly because of the application, but it's a little thick. I find that my second layer shows a ridge above the first layer. I don't know how to fix that, unless maybe putting on the second layer when the first is still wet?

You can get away with a lot on a pedicure though. People don't tend to be close enough to notice any flaws and I can't get that close either! It's like a bad yoga session when I'm doing my own pedicure.

Aren't these shoes cute??!!! I may have a bit of a shoe problem in addition to a polish problem. Although I buy extremely cheap shoes. Someone says "Cute shoes!" and I go, "Payless! Seven dollars!!"

So I might go ahead and include my pedicure in here as well because polishes look different on feet. I absolutely can't wear any coral or orange on my feet though...I immediately look like I need to retire to Florida. I'll have to put it on there and see what you guys think.


  1. I'm a payless shoe junkie too! I think the most I ever spent on pair of shoes was $100.00 but I had been looking at the same damn shoes for over a year! I figured hey, I got a little extra change - I'm getting me those. I still love em today - never regretted it.

    I too am like you, feet don't bother me in the least. Of course no one want to look at nasty feet, but they don't gross me out any more than anything else nasty I would look at! :)

    Great job on matching the ring - very cute!

  2. Nice manicure and pedicure. Your feet don't gross me out. That's some wicked scar though. Was it very painful while healing? I like your shoes also. Do you ever look at the site shoewawa.com? I love looking at all those amazing shoes. I can't wear shoes that I would like so I just look.

  3. Brooke, Payless rocks! The coolest thing is if they don't have your size they will call another store and if you go there to get the shoes you get another $2.00 off. I got some great burgundy pumps for $4.00. I do the same, when I end up visiting something in the store for a year I usually figure that it's worth it to buy! What kind of shoes were they?
    Lucy, Thanks! It wasn't painful while healing, any more than usual healing I guess. It was so painful before the surgery that I couldn't believe how much better it felt after. I couldn't wear many types of shoes and it would burn and ache all the time. There was a lot of arthritis in there that they took out too. I have a metal screw in the left one. Now they don't hurt at all, although they are growing back. Bunions tend to do that. I will check out that website. Why can't you wear shoes you would like?

  4. The shoes were some like cream/grey snakeskin BCBG pointy tip high heels - I lov eem! They go great to dress up a pair of jeans. Plus my feet are so small (size 5) that most jeans at the bottom cover my whole foot, so I have to wear pointy heels so it looks like I have feet - lol