Sunday, June 21, 2009

If You Only Want One and Electrocandy Teaser

I bought China Glaze For Audrey first, and I liked it because it was unique and a pretty pastel for springtime.

A little while after that I saw Essie Greenport come out and I kept looking at it, not buying it, and then thinking about it until I finally went and bought it.

And it looked so familiar!!! Aargh.

No, they're not a dupe, but they're pretty close, which surprised me as one is a "tiffany blue" and the other has "green" in the name. Look at them next to each other.

Greenport on the left, For Audrey on the right.

Here they are on the nail.

In this picture, For Audrey on the left, Greenport on the right. Whoops.

You can definitely see the difference in this picture. You can even see the blue and green difference.

If you only want to buy one - I would recommend the Essie Greenport. It is more densely pigmented, full coverage in one coat rather than three, and applies more smoothly and evenly. The China Glaze For Audrey is thicker, chalkier and streaky.

Here is the teaser for the rest of the Color Club Electrocandy that I bought.

This makes a really cute "Skittles" (as Scrangie calls it) manicure or pedicure!

I don't normally buy a whole collection, but these are unique, amongst other neons and even amongst themselves.

It's fun to pose them all together too!

I plan to do the whole hand or foot on each of these at some point. Truly uncooperative weather this June. We've had something like 18 days of rain in 20 days. If you click on the pics and look at the closeup you can see some of the magic of these polishes. They are so much fun to look at and wear!


  1. I have to buy that collection also. Damn I bought all the Essie's and I also have For Audrey. I forgot that it was almost a dupe. Like the skittle nails. It would look cute as a pedicure.

  2. Love your Electrocandy polishes, those are great colors. I agree with you on For Audrey, I like it but the application is a bit of a pain. Love Greenport!

  3. Those electrocandy polishes look great! I especially like the blue... I'm going to have to see if I can get them here at all!

  4. Definitely want Essie- Greenport. Looks great!

  5. I want to do the skittles pedicure, but I think it wouldn't look so good with work shoes! Especially if you can only see one or two toes...
    Where are you, Glittermillie?
    I think the Essie Greenport can do for that new Miley Cyrus look where she had a pretty beige colored dress and a mint-green manicure. I used to love that show The Look for Less.

  6. For Audrey is such a pretty color and it looks good on you :-) That was a good idea to show these two together !

    And those Color Clubs - Yummy !! lol

  7. I also was inlove with the electro candy collection. I only got about 4 of the colors though! I need them all!