Monday, June 15, 2009

Frankenlayering With Four Colors

I had some polishes I never really used and they seemed to go together, so I played around to see what would happen. From left to right we have Sally Hanson Salon - Navy Baby, Orly - French Manicure (this probably has some sort of name, but some shower get spilled in my nail polish box and I lost a lot of labels), Sally Hanson Salon - Plum It, Orly - Take the Plunge.

I thought the blue would go with the blue and the plum would go with the pink and I would get some sort of mother of pearl effect. Index and ring are the plum and pink; middle and pinkie are the navy and blue.

What the heck? The plum turned blue and the navy turned metallic peach!

Here are the four original colors: (just one fairly thick coat)

And here is the pink on top of the navy, the blue on top of the plum and the two top coats on top of each other.
This time the navy turned a blackened cornflower blue, the plum turned into a gentle peachy duochrome, and the other two look about the same as each other.

Please excuse my crappy application (crapplication?). I was playing around and not really doing this seriously, although I wore the first, alternating version all day. I thought it looked kind of cool because they are in the same color family.
My edges look rough.

When you're layering a top coat over something really dark, make sure the dark polish is well away from the edges of the nail and cuticle. That way the top coat can completely cover it.


  1. I believe that one Orly is called " Sky Blue Pink." Atleast that's what it looks like. I have a bottle of it, too.

  2. Ahh, ok, thanks!! This is why they need to put the name on the bottle. Funny it's not much sky blue is it?

  3. No it's not really sky blue. But, I like how in different lighting it does look pink-ish. :)