Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad Weather So...My Eyes

I've been trying to figure out eye shadow at my advanced age. It actually helps to take pictures because I can problem-solve. I have the dread hooded eyes. Really hard to work with as far as eye shadow because nothing shows but the top part near the eyebrow and you don't really want to make that extremely dark or colorful. It's been either overcast or pouring rain anyway, so I had a break on nails. Here are three eye looks for me..

Blonde hair, nonexistant eyebrows, grey-blue eyes, hooded eyelids and eyelashes SPARSE!!!

This is a terra cotta shade under the brow, a smokey blue on the lid and a topaz liner and shadow on the lower lid.

Curled eyelashes, but they don't stay curled and black mascara. On my brow I put dark brown eyeshadow with a soft brush.

This is shiny pink shadow under the brow, sparkly white on the lid, black eyeliner on top, smudged, and blue eyeliner on the bottom, traced over with blue eyeshadow.

See, you can't really see the shadow. Watch what happens when I laugh.

My freaking eyes disappear!!!

This is today. I put it on a little darker under the brow. This is a light grey under everything, a darker grey trying to creat a crease, a light blue on the lid, and a dark blue under the eye. Black eyeliner on both lids.

...And then I had to wear my glasses because pollen in New Jersey is terrible and my eyes felt like they had glass in them!

I have TERRIBLE eyesight so my glasses make my eyes appear even smaller! AAHHHHH!!!!!

And this pic just cracked me up....Taking pics of your eyes isn't easy. Scrangie's are perfect! Mine make me laugh because I look really really dumb in them. This is one of the better ones!


I be all......

at my posts.

Girl please!!


  1. The makeup world just confuses me - I think if people saw how i put makeup on they would laugh!

  2. I can't believe how many years I did the exact same thing and then I switched it up and did THAT exact same thing for like 80 more years. It's kind of fun, but now I have to think about it. I know, it's brave to confess how I flounder around. lol! Oh hey, speaking of little feet (past post comment) I have a friend at work with teeny size 5 footies too! She said it's hard to find shoes. I have size 7.5 or 8 so mine are always sold out.

  3. Nice makeup look. I am amazed at the makeup I see done on YouTube. These ladies are so talented. Gentlemen also do some lovely makeup. They give instructions well but it never looks the same when I do it.

  4. I especially like the pink eye makeup. Makes your eyes look bigger. Also I LOVE the silver sandles and the polish. You go girl!! M.