Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nevertoomuchglitter's Gradation Tutorial Experiment

The sun is back! I took some quick pics of the mess I made of a gradation that Jen taught on her blog

I used these colors and the top coat that is almost gone, which is good because the nail polish got on the top coat brush.

Dark - Icing Envy
Middle - OPI Greenwich Village
Light - Orly Green Apple

I put a stripe of each color, dark on the nail bed, middle, then light on the tip.

Then I took the top coat and kind of swirled and blended. I made it all very thick and it settled
down and flattened out.

It reminds me of that balloon blowing kit where they would give you a tube of liquid plastic and a tiny straw and you would mash a glob of the liquid onto the end of the straw and blow up an awesome marblized balloon that smelled really evil.

I suppose you could also use the exact same kit to huff in a back alley along with smoking your candy cigarettes.

I did the other hand light to dark and painted the whole nail, then half, then the top bit, like in Jen's tutorial.

And a ring, of course!

I like this! It's a fun effect, and I dig the texture - thick and wavy.

I dare you try it!

Now what shoes.....


  1. That is one crazy manicure! Like the greens and the swirls. Sure does remind me of the balloons. I never got to do one. Boo hoo.

  2. That's so cool! Love how it turned out!! :D

  3. I wasn't allowed to have candy cigarettes and I'm pretty sure those balloons were super-flameable! This effect would look cool with other colors too. Thanks for reading!

  4. g0rjuz mani love these colours and a great idea