Friday, June 5, 2009

My Stash Cubby

Here's my stash and all of my implements of magic!
HaHaHa!! That's it!!! So small compared to some of these other bloggers! On the bottom shelf I have that bin full of disorganization that I pull out and rummage through or just spill out on the floor. Top shelf has (on the left) a bunch of base and top coats and the polishes I haven't put on yet, (on the right) a makeup bag with my cuticle stuff and clippers and oils, (in the back) the polish remover, a koolaid container with cotton balls (I know, lol) and stuff that I use when doing a pedicure like epsom salt, bath gel, lotion, (and in the middle) my watermelon bowl with decals and nail art pens and my plastic bottle holder thingy. This is my world! The thing that's going diagonal back there is replacement razor blades for the skin shaver thing that is horribly fascinating to use.

Here is one of the polishes that I've been putting off using just because I was bored of it already just looking at the bottle. Misa Tickled Pink. The only reason I bought it was because 1) it was $0.50, 2) Scrangie reviewed an OPI that was similar, 3) I'm determined to try every combination of polish, finish, glitter, etc on earth I guess.

Outside on an overcast day here, then inside.

Scrangie described her OPI one as white with red glitter, which made it glow pink and you could see the red glitter if you looked really closely, but overall it looked like a pink glowy white. I can't remember which one she was talking about. You can't see any red glitter here, but you can see the pink glow. It's actually very pretty. I was determined to wear this for awhile because I almost never wear light colors. When I glance at it I just see white, but if I really set out to appreciate it, I can see the pink and it's very soft and warmish. I would definitely wear this to a meeting or something at work if I didn't want to call too much attention to myself like I usually do.

Closer up so you can see my poor application.

I would have put it on a little thinner, but it was quite streaky and I thought I could finish with a few thick coats. This is four thick coats and I think four thin ones would have looked the same, but better.

And finally, this made me laugh. Notice the front of the bottle says "Misa Nail Lacquer New York London Paris." Look at the bottom:

LOL!! What? Philly's only good enough for the paper sticker on the bottom? What's up with that???!!!

I live almost exactly halfway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City, so I gotta stick up for my Philly peeps!!

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