Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I got two polishes that are very different socio-economically. The one on the left is J-2 Autumn Berry from Tilton Beauty Supply. The one on the right is Suncoat Water-based Nail Polish (number 14) from Whole Foods. J2 cost $1.99 and Suncoast cost $14.00.

Seriously, water-based? I know. But it's not tested on animals, as the bottle says.

Autumn Berry is chock-full of chemicals, but no toulene. Not sure if it's tested on animals. I hope not.

The suncoat applied like yogurt and when I tried to apply Seche Vite it turned into snot. I had to start over again and carefully apply coat after coat to build it up.

This has to be five or six coats and it's still very sheer.

The consistency
The sheerness
The way the polish clogs up in the neck of the bottle like a snotty nose and you have to wipe it
The price
The way you can't use a top coat when it's still even a little bit wet

The way it looks like galvanized steel (like this flower bucket.)

Look at the texture. The streakiness adds to the effect.
This is not a dupe in any way to the several other grays I have.
The unexpected micro-cosmic glitter in this which is colorful and can only be seen in sunlight (which has been eluding New Jersey for awhile now - and rain and overcast is the forecast for all week AGAIN)

And the J2...I bought it because it was so cheap. If I got brave enough to look I would find about five thousand of these red-brown autumn berry types in my stash, but I'm really drawn to them and they are always beautiful.

I had to have that huge square bottle in my collection! Now I have to get another one because I can't just have one. I can hardly get my hand around it for the picture.

You've seen this a million times, but it's a decent cheap version and I'm all for that. The fun and pick-me-up of playing with pretty nail polish that's also safe for us and for animals shouldn't have such a high price tag.

This is three coats.

The price
The shape of the bottle
The very decent quality of the polish

There may be animal testing going on - I hate that. Unless they are putting it on the animal's nails, it seems unnecessary as I don't intend to put this in my eye or apply it generously to my skin.

Since the weather has been overcast I haven't wanted to take pictures of really special stuff, but I will keep swatching some of the more esoteric stuff that I buy and then forget about. Actually, I love when people swatch older polish or unknown polish. Cool to see it all in action.

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