Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Near-Dupe and a Cool Pedi

If you only want one, part 2. Essie Sexy Divide and Orly Velvet Rope.

Sexy Divide is another of those polishes that I heard great things about, looked at in the store every time and thought about forever until one day I bought it.

A dark grape with pink sparkles that you can see only in direct light or, I'm guessing, sunlight. We still have no sun.

It's pretty, but reminded me of something.....

Orly Velvet Rope, a bit lighter grape and a lot more pink sparkles that you can see, even inside, even in the shade.

Here are the bottles next to each other.

Velvet Rope on the left, Sexy Divide on the right.

And on the nail next to each other, in the same order this time!

Both applied well in two coats.

Not a dupe, but similar. If you only want one, I recommend Orly Velvet Rope.

I prefer Orly's formula in this case. The Essie had a lot of cuticle drag, even on the first coat. Velvet Rope is a bit brighter and more interesting. Sexy Divide is creamier and subtle.

As for my pedi, it's cool because I love the color: Orly Cashmere Cardigan.

And work shoes.

My application wasn't the neatest either, but you can really get away with a lot on your toes.

I'm not a fan of toe cleavage and these shoes hurt my bunion, but they're a slingback and look professional for summer. I'm ALMOST to the point of not wearing things that hurt.

I love this color so much. When I have it on my nails I can leave it on for many days. Not only does it wear supremely well, the color is just so pleasing.

I should have wrapped my toes around the bottle!

Even though this is in the shade, the color stays true in all kind of light. It's a soft blueish periwinkle that I think is a great work-appropriate blue. I'll show it to you on my hands at some point. The formula is a little thick so you can definitely use two coats. In fact, I recommend only two with careful application because it tends to make a ledge if you don't line up your edges perfectly. I can only do that without glasses, super close up and I can't get that close to my toes!


  1. I don't have either the Orly or the Essie, but I like the Orly one better for a few reasons. I like that you can tell the Orly has a little something to it, where the Essie you must be in direct light. Also I like the kind of jelly look that the orly one has.

  2. I love the Velvet Rope, I'll have to be on the lookout for that! Your shoes are super cute, too :)

  3. I love the Orly polish. I like the glitter showing up more. I don't have either. I do have the Cashmere Cardigan. Very pretty on your toes. I also like your shoes.

  4. I gave you an award on my blog :)

  5. How awesome are you women! Thank you for all the comments and compliments!