Friday, June 12, 2009

The "It" Color

OPI The "It" Color. I probably won't have anything new on my blog that you didn't get reviewed 6 months before it came out. I'll show you them in real life situations though...such as, on my cracked concrete porch on an overcast day with my Payless shoe collection!

These are good work shoes. Very social worky. That's my pejorative term for "work appropriate."

I matched my eye shadow...oy....

...with my nails and a purple ring. I love wearing a coordinating ring with my nails.

This manicure did not last long. I was in a rush in the morning so it looked terrible by the time I reached the car and I had picked it all off by the end of the day.

I like this color a lot. It's chic and works well with other colors.


  1. I have been thinking about that color, although I seem to buy yellows and then never wear them. How many coats of polish did you use? It sort of looks like a taxicab yellow, a nice one.

  2. That was three coats and I really needed four for full coverage. It was a little bit streaky, but not as bad as some of the yellows I've seen. The insta-dri (sally hanson) is the worst. I have a light yellow Orly that is fantastic. I'm not often in the mood for yellow either, and I don't seem to keep it on for more than one day, but for that one day I really like it!

  3. i love that color. I don't own this one. I have it on my "wants" list. I have many yellows but haven't tried them yet.