Friday, June 26, 2009


Once in awhile I see a polish languishing in a sale bin. I feel bad for it. Nobody wants it. I buy it and add it to the stash and when I get a chance I do a nice, loving manicure. Such was the case for this Orly Mandalay Ruby.

Look at the giant sale sticker. A shame.

Here it is after my loving manicure.

This polish was only $2.99.

This is three coats. I'll probably put one more and a top coat.

Or not. I'm already late for work.

The real Mandalay Ruby.
Mandalay is in Burma where they have ruby mines.

I read up on the Mandalay Ruby and found out that a good color for rubies is the shade of "pigeon's blood." Great. Now that's all I can think of.

I love when they give you a little giftie on your bottle!

This ring doesn't go all the way around, so it fits on any finger!


All in all, a very respectable red. Clear color, just a hint of darkness, a priceless ruby!

In my reading I found out that real rubies always have flaws. That's how you can tell it's real. True also for my manicure.

And the polish is happy to be living in my polish bin and being featured on my blog!


  1. That was a lucky find. Very pretty red on you. I'd just love to have the real stone. I love rubies. I've wanted a really big soltaire ring since I've been little. I read Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. My dreams always included me finding that cave and all the jewels. Maybe that's why I love polish so much. Lots of jewel tones. I do love jewelry. Who will buy me a big ruby? Thanks for the info.

  2. Me too! I've never even really seen real jewels. The Hope Diamond was in the Smithsonian and it, like the Ruby Slippers, looked really dusty. Someone needs to break out the Pledge over there. If I could buy you a ruby, I'd buy you a giant one that had a name!