Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Couple Yellows

This first one is called No Miss Nail Polish - Riviera Beach Banana. I got it at Whole Foods and it was kind of expensive - $11.99 I think. BUT this color seems worth that if only because it's a banana that looks the color of a real banana, like a butter cream, which is rare to find, and because it's as organic as nail polish can be.

The drawback is that this is 4 coats and a top coat and it's still a little bit streaky. It was thick and sticky to apply and I needed to keep the layers as thin as possible, so it was pretty annoying.

I think this would be a nice wedding color for someone who wants something different.

This other one is Icing - Cosmic. Part of my Atlantic City haul. It's a slightly greenish yellow highlighter frost. Kind of cool. Pretty in real life, not too super neon.

As I suspected, the camera did not pick up much of the green, but it is very subtle.

I just thought of this.... Here's my eye with no makeup!

My eye actually looks much more blue than with blue-enhancing makeup on! What a surprise!

It's time for a new pedicure, so I'll post that next. I think metallics look really nice on a pedicure and I have a couple of silver sandals that look great with a metallic pedicure.


  1. That's a pretty shade of yellow. I also like the first color.

  2. Cute banana color! I never thought of looking for polish at whole foods. Thanks!

  3. Thanks to you too! They have another line I'm going to swatch soon, but it's water-based and looked a gloopy mess. I'm going to try to work with it though. Warning that they are really expensive. And the application is so difficult, not sure if I'll buy any more of them.