Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Rest Of Electrocandy

OMG Michael Jackson....I just found out. How sad. It's so weird when someone who is part of the general consciousness goes unexpectedly.

I quickly swatched the rest of Electrocandy (that I have) while the sun was out. I didn't want to swatch it in the shade because it's really so pretty.

First we have the pink one called....Electrocandy. Hm. Cool name.

This has a silver shimmer.

It's great how these have hot and cold aspects in each one. This separates well from the purple with the blue flash. This pink with a blue flash would've been too similar. Alas, I love the pink, but the pink doesn't love me. It clashes with my skin tone in a strange way and makes it look grayish in real life. It's also quite sheer - above is four coats and could've used another one.

On to the green - What a Shock! (That's the name)

Very very pretty grass green with a subtle blue shimmer.

Love this one. Good coverage, nice application. This is second to Ultra Violet in my book.

The blue is called Pure Energy.

Gorgeousness and gorgeosity. That's from a kid's book, I can't remember which.

This has a lighter blue shimmer. Absolutely beautiful and opaque in three coats.

I didn't get the yellow one because my Icing Cosmic looked just like it and Siobhan of The Nailphile said it took five coats to be opaque.

Are there more than six? I didn't notice.

My recommendation of this whole line is a great big YES! I love them all and they are all unique amongst nail polish as a whole. And, at a beauty store price of $2.99, WELL worth the money.

Here they all are again so you remember.

These were so much fun to photograph!

In order of my preference,
Ultra Violet (purple) - if you only want one, this is far and away the one to have. The color, the application, the uniqueness, it's got it all.
Pure Energy (blue) - because it's sooooo pretty.
Tangerine Scream (orange) - because it is REALLY unique.
What a Shock! (green) - so cheery and pretty, especially if you love the greens.
Electrocandy - if you like pinks, definitely worth your money. I'll probably try a pedi.

And Michael Jackson, R.I.P. No matter what, I think he deserves good remembrances. The man seemed to suffer from a lot of pain and anguish. He was an incredible talent.


  1. Love those polishes. I have to buy them. I like how you've photographed them between your fingers. Nice job. I totally agree with you about Michael Jackson. I still loved his music even though he was getting stranger. He was amazing with his singing and dancing.

  2. I've seen a lot of people post pics of this whole collection together. I love it! Color Club doesn't go overboard with stupid advertising either. Sometimes I really hate the crap they write to try to make us buy stuff.