Saturday, June 13, 2009

Decals Like Mad

I have a calcium gel nail treatment on and it says you shouldn't use it as a base coat so I decided to leave it on overnight and at least one more day. I had to put something on there so I used some of my decals. Well, more than SOME. A lot.

I decided to try all brown - eyeliner, eyeshadow and see if it really brought out the blue. Not really. You can't believe everything you read can you.

My right pinky was broken when I was about 7 in a volleyball game and never healed quite right.

I got this ring from a guy who told me a funny story about finding it in his luggage after colliding with a fellow traveler! He tried to contact the guy, but there was no way to find him. It didn't fit him, so I said, "Can I have it?" Maybe that guy will read my blog?


  1. I just have to say - both of my pinkies look like yours, but it's a genetic thing in my family. My grandma, my mom, me and my oldest daughter all had it. :-)

    I'm really enjoying your blog, not least of which is because you're *not* a 20 something trying to show me how to put makeup on eyelids with no droop or wrinkles.

  2. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your reading. I think it's nice to see some real hands and eyes and see that they can look nice no matter what age or how perfect a person is!

  3. Thanks Kaybee for your photos and writing. I agree that it is nice to see someone who isn't very young. I do enjoy reading all blogs no matter what the age.