Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank You Beauty Supply Store Young Women!!!

I'm writing this for the young women I saw today and wrote down my blog address so they could check it out.

In the winter I was lemming China Glaze Wagon Trail because I wanted to find a polish the color of this purse. Not to match necessarily, although that would be kind of cool, but just because I see things and I want that color in a polish.

It's from REI (I forget what those stand for, but it's an outdoorsy campy active yuppie store) and it was $10.00 on sale.

Around the zipper that is totally a reflective strip. Look at this.

Lol, nobody's gonna run me over when I'm walking down the side of the highway because my car broke down.

I couldn't find Wagon Trail anywhere because it was kind of popular. I found the other Rodeo Diva stuff, but not that one. I went to the beauty supply store and mentioned to the young woman ringing me up that I wanted that one and she said, "Wait, I think we have one of those on the shelf in the back. I swear I saw it." She went back and looked and it wasn't being held for anyone and I got to buy it!!!

It's a very dark, sparkly, olive brown.

Didn't match the bag perfectly, but it matches a lot, it's a very exciting neutral. Look at it up close, the sparkle is interesting.

This is with a flash because I was losing light. It looks a lot darker in regular light, but look, there's red in there!

Not too long after that I found OPI At Your Quebec And Call and thought it was a better match for that purse.

It's much lighter, but it seems like they contain the same things, but Wagon Trail just has black added.

Here's this one up close.

Lighter, more golden, more muted, but basically the same.

Here are the bottles together.

Wagon Trail on left, Quebec on right. (Quebec on my thumbnail and it looks really golden in the light.)

And on the nail.

Switched them again. Wagon Trail on right, Quebec on left.

It's a hard decision to recommend one of them (if you only want one). I think the Wagon Trail applied better, perfect in two coats and it's gorgeous and changeable in the light. It's very dark though, so you can't easily tell what color it is. At Your Quebec And Call was quite sheer. That's two coats and it could have used another one. I think Quebec is probably more versatile. They're both gorgeous.

On another Olive Note, I bought Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War!!!

This was during their 50% off sale. Have another one!!!

Besides feeling like a rich chick while using it, I freaking love this color!

It is sooooo ugly and I LOVE IT!!!

Unless you live in a very chic city, trust me, you will be the only one wearing this. It's incredibly cool. I don't even know how it looks good on me because it's a warm, split pea soup color. But I love it unconditionally.

And on a Totally Unrelated Note, here's Orly Goth!!! I passed this by in the store for a long time until I read Scrangie's review. I was making my own glitteryblack with whatever black I had and the Hot Topic black glitter.

But this is different. Know why?

As soon as Scrangie said the glitter in it was different sizes, I had to see it, and then I had to have it. Check it out.

This is seriously pretty. It looks like the night sky in winter in the upper peninsula of Michigan. (Anyone know what a Yooper is?)

It also reminds me of fun times with my son when we had to be quiet because we lived with a truck driver who went to sleep at 6pm and wouldn't allow us to watch t.v. (You don't have to tell me....what was I thinking?!)

We would harass the dogs, throw socks at each other, try to laugh quietly, pose for album covers. My memories about those years are all about having a blast with my hilarious and wonderful son while surviving a tough time.

He was about 13 or 14 here.

Here's gothic me. I must have been...37 or 38!! I look young, don't I? It's soft focus, people!

This is kind of how I felt back then.

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! I still have them.

How weird that I didn't have any nail polish on. I was rebel-goth when goth was cool. I'll always have a soft spot for black nail polish, black clothes and my pony tails!!

Baby chic. I'm working the olive green and brown here too.

If you Beauty Supply Store young women are reading, thanks for being so nice back to me when I was friendly to you! In this part of New Jersey people are nicer than in North Jersey, but most of the time you still get treated like kind of a loser if you're friendly. These young women made me feel special and like a valued human being. Thanks!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing you memories, it is so touching :) And awesome nail job

  2. I love the part about you and your son! Sounds like you were a great mom and friend.

  3. Love all the colors in the post! I really like Wagon Trail though! Awesome pics of you and your son! :)

  4. awwww what a sweet story - That girl will remember you forever -

  5. Thanks everybody! My son is really amazing. We've gotten through some tough stuff together. Writing this made me want to wear Wagon Trail again. And isn't it great meeting nice people in the store? Those girls totally get it. They were saying, "I could write about OPI all day long!" It was really cool.