Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Is This My Favorite?

Well, my favorite right now anyway, but I have worn this polish more than a few times. It's a good one for feeling calm, and for me, what Skinny Dip'n In Lake Michigan probably is for people who love that one.

OPI You're A Doll

Three coats, a bit messy.

I hope it shows up, but if you click on the picture and make it huge, there is a surprise in this polish.

See how it looks a little gritty? There is RED microglitter in there!!

This is along the lines of getting away with something, even though you're wearing a work-appropriate nail polish. Nothing like passive-aggression at work.

To remind you, here's how bad Skinny Dip'n looked on me.

Weird how one works and the other does not.

Here are the bottles next to each other.

You're A Doll looks gray next to Skinny Dip'n In Lake Michigan, but it's not really that gray. The sun went away for a second. It's a grayed out pink.

I have a sallow skin tone, so pink will never look very good on me, and warm colors are hard for me to pull off. This is why I can wear the one well and not the other.

Here is a pedicure color that I wouldn't be able to stand on my hands.

Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Extreme Wear - Wild Life.

Pink, but a cool pink. Totally wouldn't match my mood on my hands though.

Back to You're A Doll. I love this polish and it surprises me that I do. I'm usually wearing unusual or really dark colors.

I love the way it looks like sand and I look for the red glitter and it just makes me feel happy. This is a beautiful, calm polish. I'm not sure why I even bought it, but I'm glad I did. I encourage you to try something you might not otherwise look at. It might be a miss - see above! - or you might find a new favorite.

In other news of the stupid: I tipped over an ENTIRE bottle of polish remover on the carpet last night. I was sitting there doing my nails and watching t.v. and looked down and it was on its side. I just bought that! FYI it didn't seem to damage the carpet at all, and might be a new invention for carpet cleaning. Boy did I feel dumb. Then I talked to myself and said, "In the grand scheme of things, this isn't that big a deal." But you can see I still haven't let it go! I hate when I do dumb things.


  1. Your cracking me up. I hate spilling things, especially polish remover. I always spill it on my bedroom furniture. I have spots on the top of my bureau. I like that color, it is a little different. Sure looks better than the band-aid color! Have you tried BB Couture polishes? They have some amazing polishes. I heard that a new collection is coming out soon. One of the new shade will be called Throb. I wonder what that will look like?

  2. I don't have that in any stores around here as far as I know. I would order online though if I hear a good recommendation. Hmm. throb. probably red like heart throb? Do you have BB Couture?

  3. I've done the same thing!
    Love that color! :)