Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wow, These Claire's Layered Things Are Cool

I think the trick is to pour it out on a plate and swirl the colors around and then swirl them onto your nails, but until I have a minute to try that, I present to you

Claire's Cosmetics - Technopop. All I'm getting so far is the top layer, but I like it.

It dries matte too! Trendy! For the shiny look, a top layer is necessary. Also, it doesn't dry very quickly and there is instant tip wear and the polish formula is thick and gloopy, but NO MATTER!

I like this purple just fine.

And for your close up to see how pretty sparkle is in matte form:

Loving it. Like purple concrete. I should carve my initials in it.

I love this stuff! I love nail polish so much!


  1. I'm loving the purple color as well. Your nails look really good .

  2. Thanks Princess! I love your blog!

  3. Very pretty!My co-worker told me about these,Now I'll have to go pick them up.

  4. They have a lot of pink ones, some really cool with layers of glitter and stuff. I got those for my friend because I can't do pink easily, but there are some really cute things!

  5. That is really pretty. It reminds me of a matte holo.