Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some New Stuff After The Move

New to me, that is. You may have seen these before...

It's the morning sun making this look blurry. It's actually the writing on the bottle reflecting on the polish.

These are Sally Hanson Salon: Honeydew, Forsythia and Night Hydrangea! I've been wanting these for a long time and I never saw them anywhere. I was in the CVS near my new home and they had the whole collection!! Full price, but I went ahead. Some things you gotta have.

I'll swatch these individually at some point, but here's my skittles to tide us over.

I love them all. They all have dimension and slightly unusual hue. Buy them! I command you!

To continue my love of Orly, here is another of the unsung hero collection...those ring dealies. I reviewed Mandalay Ruby in a previous blog and I can't figure out how to link it, so if you're super curious it's called "Anthropomorphizing" and I did it some time in July.

This is Golden Maharaja. Three coats for evenness.

This is not golden, really, except when you look up close.

Isn't that cool? The first coat comes out very reddish, then you get a rich brown, and with the last coat this shimmer comes out strong.

Here's the real Golden Maharaja.

The Golden Maharaja is a 65.57 carat diamond!! Holy wow. It's not Indian, however, and has no cool historical tale. It's from South Africa, was shown at the Paris World Fair of 1937, spent some time in a museum and was sold in 1991 for $1.3 million. Snore. I was hoping for it being in the crown worn by some ancient ruler's elephant or something. Pretty though. I didn't know diamonds came in this color.

Looks great on me. Would have been cooler if they made it that teardrop shape though.

That's it. I'm breaking down and buying the rest of these. Plus, I love the ring. It photographs really beautifully! You'd never guess it was the plastic gumball type. They're getting a little harder to find, especially with the ring intact, but I'm going to get them. I have a whole slew of new beauty supply stores to check out.

By the way, here's my new view:

This is out the back yard!! You would never guess that to the immediate right and left of this is MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE. It's a townhouse development.

When I look out here though, I can pretend I'm the only one seeing this. I love it!


  1. Oooh, love your new view - and I'm mesmerized by your new layout too!
    I spied the spring SH line in a CVS this week, but they were sold out of THOSE THREE colors, and those were the ones I wanted! Boy was I disappointed. Ugh. I hope they restock soon!
    I love this Orly! It's gorgeous. I guess I need both this and the previous one, maybe the whole collection as well! ;)

  2. Hi Nicole! Oh man...I hate when you can't find the ones you want. I don't even remember what the other colors were; I just wanted these three. I want a sunny day to swatch them and its been overcast. They're really good. The Orly Ring Things continue to delight me. I'm just not sure the pink one will work, or if I can still find them. If they don't have the ring I don't want 'em! I finally figured out how to put a background in and I saw the pink leopard and was like that is me.

  3. What a beautiful view. Best of luck on your move. Have everything unpacked and decorated? It takes so long to straighten everything out. I would really like that diamond. I think I would look really good wearing it! I love all of that collection. The rings are cute also. They look rich when photographed. I bought all of the Sally Hansen collection. Love all of those colors. I was so disappointed with Forsythia. It doesn't look very good with my skin tone. Maybe I'll try it on my toes!

  4. Unpacked, no. Decorated, no. There's a half bathroom downstairs and I think that's completely done lol! I think the Forsythia is an ugly-pretty color...I don't know what skin tone that would look good with, but it's not mine either!