Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pretty Jellies

I have two totally unrelated things here.

Orly - Sweet Tart. A light berry red jelly.

This is four coats and I still have the VNL, but only if you look up close. This reminds me exactly of

that Sally Hanson Insta-Dri - Racy Rouge. Dupe!

Look at Sweet Tart in the shade (cuz that was an overcast day for Racy Rouge).

The color is the same, but the formula, of course, is different.

I love Orly formula, and if I'd had time I would have let it dry nicely and then top-coatted it. Maybe a coat of insta-dri and then a coat of this Orly and it would be perfection. I needed so many coats that the Seche dried, but the coats underneath did not, so it got messed up as soon as I breathed. I really only bought it because the love of my life calls me Sweet Tart as a pet name (which is vaguely insulting, but I'm sure he doesn't mean it that way...). It doesn't look one iota like a Sweet Tart.

Right? Am I right? (Lol, when I googled sweet tart images I got lots of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears)

Well, enough about that. It was a dumb reason to buy a polish, but I've bought polish for some dumb reasons!

Here's another of those Whole Foods earth friendly yuppie polishes.

Suncoast Water-Based Nail Polish - Number 22. I wish they would name these. I name this - Swimm.

Although swimming pools are not so earth-friendly with all the chlorine and stuff, but swimming is very healthy.

It is super-sheer and would need a few more coats for bottle color and you need to apply it super-thin or it looks like pudding. It comes out like a sparkly jelly.

Like a swimming pool sparkling in the sun!

It has pretty depth of color, but needs many many coats. Dries nicely, doesn't wear very strongly at all, but I kind of like these. My earth goddess soul is soothed.


  1. I just bought a load of Insta-dri's. Very strange! I have to get used to the brush. It's really big. Love both shades of polish on you. The second polish really does look like a pool.

  2. Those brushes are pretty unsettling.