Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Am Enamored Of These

I just had to show you what I have on my toes, but swatched on my fingernails.

Essie - Clam Bake, such a pretty, clear tangerine color.

Orange can be difficult to wear on fingers, but this is easy to pull off; I think because the color is so pure.

It doesn't look quite like a jelly, just a straightforward creme. A tiny bit sheer, but three coats made it opaque. It makes me feel happy!

I bought it in a discontinued clearance bin so you can probably find it at a beauty supply store. This next one, I can't remember why I bought it, but I actually sought it out.

Essie - E! Live From The Red Carpet. Much as I hate the media-whoring name of it, this is a nice red that is also not too jelly-like, but a clear creme.

I'm surprised I like red so much, but I do. It feels conventional, but I can't argue with my feelings. I'm more likely to swatch this and admire it secretly than wear it out in the world.

There's just something about red polish....

And then there is the famous and noteworthy......

Sally Hanson Hard As Nails Extreme Wear - Emerald City.

It's like a shiny christmas ribbon. I wore it to a holiday party last year not even realizing how christmassy it looked. Hello, clueless!

Yet here I am in August, and I think it works just fine.

I need to show you another picture of it.

It looks a little funky on my middle finger, but I think it's just the reflection from the porch roof.

A pretty, clear, shiny and slightly shimmery medium green. The love of my life chose green as the color of the day (this is after he's all involved in his email and mutters, "Purple," and I said, "Honey, I already have purple on from yesterday," and he goes, "You never want what I pick so don't ask me anymore," and I coax, "Please, I love when you choose a color, it's fun!" and he goes "Okay, green," and I go "Light or dark?" and he's like "I don't care... light," and I picked this even though it's not light, but I've been meaning to swatch it for awhile).

Love my honey! Also, he reads my blog and ALSO, he scouts out nail polish for me. I'm lucky to have him!


  1. Your honey is pretty good finding you nail polish. That was funny about choosing the color! I love Emerald City and it does look nice in the Summer. I'm finding that I really like Essie's polish. I've seen some really pretty colors on the blogs lately. I like both that your wearing. They are both very pretty on you.

  2. I really like Essie too, especially the dark or richly pigmented colors. I'm really digging that orange. I hate to match toes and tips, but I might just wear the orange today!