Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Went And Got Them Did

Yep, I went and got 'em did by someone else and I realized something. I don't ever have to do that again in my life until I can't reach my feet or see.

He cut my middle finger cuticle and I bled.

I do much better application and the design is cute, but I could pull that off too.

This is a cute flower and I'm happy with the design and the colors. They're China Glaze and I don't have these, although I have something like them.

But look at my cuticles!

Look how dry and crusty they look.

Look at my thumbnail already.

This will save me time on Friday because I will literally have no time to do my nails between now and that wedding I'm going to.

The things I enjoyed about it were: not having to do it myself and just sitting there, I like the little designs, they did a little massagey action and I loooove getting massages, it was time for me to browse through a magazine and turn off my brain, the chair was also massagey and she gave me an extra 7 minutes.

I'm so glad I learned how to do them myself. I like my own work so much better. I'm disappointed, but I guess I'm also feeling confident about my abilities.

Ow, my cuticle hurts and I'm concerned about fungus.

NOT WORTH THE MONEY although the people were really sweet and I ended up giving them good tips because you know, I've been on the tip-receiving end in my life and you need all the help you can get. (I just won't go back)


  1. What a shame. I've only had a paid manicure about twice in my life. I prefer to do it myself. The design looks like something you certainly can do yourself. They look pretty.

  2. I went and bought the purple. It's China Glaze Purple Panic (neon) and I also bought some nail art polishes. I'm determined to do this myself!