Thursday, August 13, 2009

99 Cents Is Good

I found two little clearance bins at Image Beauty and they were full of 99 cent awesomeness. I also met a very nice mother and daughter (daughter had great taste and color sense!) and told them about nail polish blogs and how helpful they are when you want to buy.

Rainbow Nail Reflections by Brucci - Taupe Rainbow.

I'm usually not crazy about Brucci polishes. They have a lot of variety, but the colors look shallow and unimaginative somehow. This was VERY NICE. Those rainbow people know what they're doing.

It's taupe!

It's goldish and greenish! (I love "ish" colors.)

It's mauvish!

This is three coats with a ridge-filling basecoat (CND) and Seche Vite top coat. I wanted to build it up a lot for more protection for my nails while I continue unpacking.

My nails made it through pretty well, but I'm trying to be very nice to them.

My worst habit is picking at them, even when I'm grooming them. I realized that I used to pick at them and not groom them and now I pick at them using grooming tools. I need to be more gentle and just leave them alone after I push the cuticles back and trim any hangnails.

What you see (if you go close-up) is hangnails after pushing and before cuticle oil. See how tempting to grab those little pieces with tweezers?? Cuticle oil makes them pretty much disappear. I don't have a pic of my nails with the oil though...I forgot...and now my camera batteries died...moving....don't do it unless you really have to!!


  1. I've never used this brand of polish. That is a gorgeous shade though! Love all the flash of colors. That was a lucky choice of polish. Be careful picking at your cuticles. You don't want to end up with an infection in your nails. No more!

  2. No, I hate any kind of pain in my nails. I had something going on during the move that felt like an absess under the side of one nail, but it went away. Avoid picking!!