Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Difficulties Interfering With My Blog Interest

My camera got dropped on the floor about nine times too many during the move. Look at this ridiculousness.

It's a fuzzy version of OPI - Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.

Here's a clearer one, but badly positioned. Hello, I posed my green-tipped hand in front of green bushes. Duh.

This is a super dark slime green. It's awesome.

It looks like black, but when you really look there's no mistaking that it's green. I love it so much I wore it with a coral colored shirt and I didn't even care. It's one of the new Espana line. I wasn't very excited by anything else in that line, but this odd green came up out of nowhere and stole my heart.

My camera's batteries are being held in with duct tape and the camera has brain damage. Here's another color.

OPI - My Big Break.

It's a greyish frosty berry. Almost a duochrome, almost metallic. I was surprised how flattering it was. I was afraid it was too pink and too metallic, but I was in the middle of a polish frenzy and I didn't even know what I was buying and when I applied it in my buyer's remorse phase I was most pleasantly assuaged of guilt.

These are both kind of "fall" colors, but fall is on the way.

I always want to jump the gun on the next season anyway. (Season as in season of the year, not fashion seasons. In fashion seasons I think we're up to Spring of 2012.) I think this was part of the collection with Have You Seen My Limo, which I don't even know when came out, but which is awesome. I recommend this color!

I'm going to post more often but I'm still trying to unpack and the love of my life accused me of ignoring him in favor of the blog. (Which is TOTALLY UNTRUE YOU GUYS. He only said that because I was accusing HIM of ignoring ME. You would not believe the horrible communication skills that two therapists have.) So I kind of left my computer alone for a few days and put my clothes in the dresser and books on the shelf and stuff. I GUESS I could ENTERTAIN the concept of doing a little procrastinating and shutting out the world. I GUESS. (But he didn't really mean ignoring him, he meant ignoring the god-awful mess in the house. HE DOESN'T REALLY CARE ABOUT ME!!! And all that.... Can you imagine this ring of hell right now?)

Right now he's walking the dogs so ha ha. Here I am. I like you guys better. So there.


  1. HTAT is a great color, I love wearing it!

  2. Very pretty colors. Hope things are better with the two of you. It's probably just moving stress.