Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Claire's Mini-Haul!

Mini-haul because we're moving and the love of my life said we can't be moving more pounds of nail polish. These were buy one, get one half-off!! I think I showed amazing restraint.

Seriously, how cool are these?!

It's night time and that doesn't even stop me from taking crappy halogen light pictures of crappy application.

First of all we need to discuss that blue with the glitter in the cap. It has no name, but there's a number 39 on the bottom of the bottle.

It looks like a little salt shaker! I was all happy and asking the woman at the register what you do with it and she treated me like I had three heads and wanted to eat her baby.

I guess you can shake glitter on top or shake glitter into the bottle. Those were her ideas. Said with no enthusiasm. And I'm grinning like an idiot. Some people just don't get it.

I'll probably shake the whole thing into the bottle. The glitter changes to a bit green when the polish is on top of it and stays white when it is on top of the polish. It's really pretty.

Sadly, the orange wasn't as thrilling.

The lighting is doing it no favors, but it's sheer as all get out and always will be. I'll layer it on top of something. It's called Crush. The glitter is BIG. And orange and blue.

These cool layered things have DO NOT SHAKE labels on them. Funny. I shook it. I didn't mean to, it was muscle memory.

Scrangie wrote about these suckers. She said the layers don't mix up, and they don't but I kind of wish they would. At least a little bit more than they do. I think I have to get farther down into the bottle before I get much of the effect.

This is called Joker and the turquoise didn't make an appearance. It's a nice marbled effect with the purple and black, dried very matte so I put on a top coat.

This one is Ocean Breeze and came out very marbled with mostly blue showing up.

Really pretty!

I'll try to make these look prettier tomorrow or the next day, but I couldn't contain my excitement, wanting to play with them and procrastinating packing up the kitchen!


  1. You would think someone who works in that kind of business would get more excited about the products! I dunno. I get all happy about nail polish of any sort. I would have been grinning right there with you.
    That last one, Ocean Breeze - that's pretty cool looking!

  2. I was looking at those yesterday, but got a few different ones. I might have to go back for the Ocean Breeze, though. Looks almost like an opal.

  3. Thanks for grinning with me Nicole!
    Nosaby, I went and got a few more today, I'm fascinated!

  4. Wow, Ocean Breeze looks really awesome! I never got these Claire's striped things, because I always thought they would mix together to be like brown. This is the first pic I've seen where the colors show up on the nail swirly and not just one color. Maybe I should get it. I like how that polish comes with glitter in the cap, it's like a collector polish. I would have been confused to, that woman at the register probably didn't even know either, haha.

  5. Very pretty colors you bought. Ocean Breeze came about really pretty. It looks like the inside of a seashell.