Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not What They Seem

First of all I have one I was lemming at hello.

The fabulously ugly Sally Hanson Salon - Forsythia.

I must have one of the oddest skin tones on the planet because this matches mine. I love it! According to most women's magazines I have a cool skin tone yet I am sallow. Cool tone because the veins in my arm appear blue, not green, and sallow because I have a golden hue to my skin and I tan easily. Yet, I also burn, freckle and am blonde. Very odd. It's a massive dose of several types of Scandinavian with a possible dash of Cherokee Indian. If you have this skin tone, Forsythia is very flattering! Hard to describe, hard to match.

My biggest problem (besides the formula: tricky, but putting a little extra polish on the brush reduces the pull) is that the actual forsythia looks like this.

One of the first things to bloom in springtime here in the eastern part of the U.S.

Like all early spring colors, it's cool-hued, like a daffodil, but has none of the mustardy, grayed-out, murky yellow of this polish.

In my opinion, I think the word that best describes Forsythia is ELEGANT.

It reminds me of gowns from the 1800's when they were still using plant dyes.

We think of them in black and white, but they had some really funky colors back then!

You might think it's retro-70's, but it's not. If it were a creme, possibly, (I'm thinking of Tupperware from my childhood) but this polish has a pretty pearlescent delicate texture to it's look.

I bet they couldn't have conceived of us wearing this color on our fingernails.

What's best, there are matching shoes!!

Have you ever? This color is fantastic!!

Even if it doesn't match you, I recommend it. It has a deep hue and is unique and retro to when retro had no retro.

My other swatch for today is a sad story. I've been looking for a nice tomato red and I thought I found one at Whole Foods.

No Miss - Boca Red.

The nail doesn't match the bottle at all. I don't know how they managed that. What's worse is the formula applied like A DREAM. It was so easy to work with, I wanted to offer it a job.

If you look close up you can see the problems.

It dried so weird... it looks darker on my nail bed, looks like I dipped my nails in blood. An interesting effect, granted, but not what I was going for. I thought it would make a nice pedicure color, but what I got was a bad jelly red.

It could possibly build, but basically this is a fail.

Does anyone have a really nice tomato red to recommend?


  1. The red is a very pretty color - but is strangely sheer at the tips..... it still looks good.

    Also, I love your use of old-time-eee dress & shoes as a comparison to S.H. Forsythia.

  2. Forsythia is a pretty color, but it would never work on me!

  3. Thanks for all the forsythia hued fashion and the flowering bush. I love when they bloom. They are lined up on the highway and look gorgeous in bloom. I have this and I was so disapointed that it looks crappy on me. Maybe if I use it with another color. It does look pretty on you. Lucky! That red is strange. The color looks blotchy or something weird!

  4. Thanks Deez! Gildeangel, why not try? Borrow from a friend? I share a lot of my colors. A fringe bennie if someone who knows me in person reads my blog. Lucy, you are exactly right! The forsythia line up on the highway and let you know spring is right around the corner!

  5. try Dakota from Zoya for the red