Tuesday, February 2, 2010


You know, I love Scrangie. Just look at scrangie.com. I was really excited about the RBL blogger polishes, and bought all 3. Today I just have Scrangie and its inside with no flash because it's winter and my job is consuming all my time and I feel bad about neglecting my blog!

This is two coats and I can't think Scrangie is happy about that.

The color is awesome though...unusual and complicated! Bright blue flash, but wait, there's a green flash too!

Reminds me of two other favorites, Color Club - Ultra Violet and Wet n Wild - Eggplant Frost.

But darn, you guys, the formula on the RBL just sucks. It's gummy, it doesn't dry for all day, kind of rolls up when you bump something and does not work well with top coats. And it's expensive! Those other two are under $3.00. The RBL is freaking $18.00. I bought it on sale, $9.00.

It surprises me because Scrangie is all about writing about the formula. I wish RBL had done her some justice.

I'm gonna go put on another coat. Much as I think the color is cool, I don't recommend you buy this. But go read Scrangie's blog. She's the best.


  1. what what????!!!! i adore rbls formula! im sorry it didnt work out for you :(

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  3. Really? It is completely sold out. :(

    If it still messes with you, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands.

    Just name your price. ;)

    It does look great on you.

  4. I recommend you pick up Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Going. Everyone is saying it's not a dupe for Scrangie (which I do not have), but I think it's about as close as you're gonna get. And it's $5. And I thought the formula was awesome, if a little sheer.

  5. I know!!! I'm used to RBL being an amazing good polish, but this formula is just not there. It's not happenin. I feel sad, used, disappointed. Etc. Sorry to break this to you, but the other blogger polishes have the same formula problem. Perhaps RBL chinzted out on the formula for our dear bloggers? I thought it was such a cool idea and I hope they do it again, but give us the real deal man!! We're not stupid!!

  6. I think that it is a pretty color, even if it isn't a one-coater.

  7. I do like the Insta-Dri polishes, so I'll look out for that. Thanks Stephanie!
    Laura, email me your address if you like: karla966@gmail.com and I will send this puppy to you for free. You have to let me know if you have the same problem. Could be the air in New Jersey, who knows?

  8. Gildedangel, it's a three or more coater and it takes so long to dry that you can't really get it built up. By the time the one coat dries the tips are rolled back. Headache.

  9. Kaybee, I second the Grape Going. I don't have Scrangie, but I do have Grape Going and I didn't have hardly any issues with it other than getting used to that brush - and it's quite pretty! If you like the other two, you'll like that too. ;)
    And I have to agree that there's no way you should be having those kinds of problems with that pricey of a polish.

  10. Nicole, that Insta Dri brush is so funky! First time I pulled one of those out of the bottle my eyes bugged out. I'm looking for the Grape Going today. I'm glad you agree with me on the price thing. We can only vote with our dollars about how we want to be treated.

  11. Kaybee, I was out of town this weekend and just put on Scrangie. I am so sorry you had problems, but it handled wonderfully here in Houston. I'm about to post it on my blog here: