Saturday, February 6, 2010

Black Radiance - And The BRUSH

Looks like Black Radiance revamped themselves a bit to be even more vampy! New bottle, shiny colors, added "Bold & Sexy" to the name. Wow. I'm feeling a little coquine....

On the left is old school - Red Ebony. Middle is Passion, right is Naughty (Coquine!)

The Red Ebony is not swatched here. I may have done it at some point in the past. It's actually one of my favorites, a nice brownish-red. Kind of luxurious.

Okay check out the package for a second.

See that "dome cut brush" thing? It's crazy, man!

They are not kidding. This thing is huge. Take the Insta-Dri brush and add two OPI brushes.

The new one is on the right. It doesn't look as big here, but that thing is 3-dimensionally huge. It's a little hard to deal with, but I have fairly small nail beds. Would probably work really well if you have wider and longer ones.

Hey, I feel really dumb, but I just found out Black Radiance is marketed for "African American Women." Hm. I didn't even guess that. I'm what should be marketed toward "Dumb Blonde." Well, their product is good and I'm going to buy it. I'll just insinuate myself into their demographic for a minute.

Here's Naughty.

It's gray with just a taste of something greenish. I thought it was black. I like this, although would put on another coat; this is two. It's similar to other grey metallicy hint of color things that I have.

Here's Passion.

I love this. It's an awesome black red. I know I have something similar to this, probably Petites, but the red glitter is a lot more obvious in that. This is subtle, a real undercurrent.

Now I want to get the rest of these. The old school Red Ebony someone gave me a few years ago after I admired it and I've worn it many times. In fact, I would compare it to Essie Rock Star Skinny. These two new ones I just bought the other day at Cherry Hill Beauty Supply for $3.39 and they had more.

I love really black polishes. I keep hearing how people wish it would go out of style and I say BLACK POLISH FOREVER (or when I most feel like it!!!)

Here we are a little closer to Passion. It's what I strive for.


  1. Hello there, fellow New Jerseyian!
    I'm in Vineland, about 40 miles south of Cherry Hill.
    Are there any good places (aside from Ulta, Sephora, Sally's) to shop for polishes up there?

  2. Wow! Lots of Jersey polish fanatics. And another Vinelander!!! COOL!

    I've never seen Black Radiance polishes anywhere, but I love their eyeshadows! They are extremely pigmented because they are designed to pop against brown skin tones. Awesome.

  3. All right New Jersey!! Or rather, SOUTH JERSEY!! I can speak to Vineland. I lived in Milmay and Landisville. I shopped at Tilton Beauty Supply (one in Mays Landing near the movie theater and one in Somers Point near the Shop Rite). Both of those are packed with great stuff. There's a Sally's in Mays Landing around the corner from the Target but I liked Tilton a whole lot better. I would hit all the drugstores and you just never know what you'll find sometimes, so wherever I go, I dart my eyes around and check. Grocery stores and drugstores are worth checking. Check the Hamilton and Shore malls for Claire's Boutique and Icing. And THEN: if you go to Atlantic City to The Walk there are outlets of accessories and there are things that you might not see elsewhere in the area. I'm not even going to fist pump because that's NORTH Jersey and they are DIFFERENT and besides, only one of those kids is really even FROM New Jersey.

  4. Oh and there's a beauty supply in Vineland, I believe on Oak near the closed hospital parking garage that I could never seem to be in the area when it was open, but please check there and let me know...I'm sure there are treasures!!

  5. LOL @ fist pump. Go ahead "Guidos" Come to Ocean City or Avalon and see how far your orange "tan" will get you ... LOLOLOL!!!

    I am not familiar with a beauty supply on Oak ... or a hospital on Oak! The closed hospital in Vineland is on Chestnut. Is that what you meant? All the roads are named after trees around here, lol. I've never been to they places in Mayslanding, actually, I never really leave freaking Vineland/Millville it seems, what with kids, job, etc, etc ... Anyway, the Claires at the Scumb ... I mean Cumberland Mall is usually pretty well stocked with polish, and they have stuff in the clearance bins all the time. Also the Regis has OPI at 30% frequently and sometimes 60%, but srsly, leave me some, K? Take all the reds you want, but leave me some fun stuff!

    Let's see ... our Sally sucks, the Walgreens on Oak and Main is typically well stocked with clearance as is the CVS on Main and Chestnut (I don't have a circuit I travel weekly or anything, LOL!).

    I'm afraid to dusty hunt nail salons though, so no idea there. I went in once asking if they sold used polish, and they looked at me like I was a complete moron. It didn't help that I spoke whatever southeastern Asian dialect about as well as they spoke english ... rawr.

  6. The orange is blazing on the high def...hurts my eyes!
    There's another Tilton Beauty Supply in EHT on Rte 322/40 near that movie theater. I think Cherry Hill Beauty Supply is affiliated with them. If you get on their mailing list they send coupons. I've always had the nicest customer service there...go figure. North Jersey gives us such a bad name! Women finding me more coupons and helping me pick out good stuff or see if something I've been lemming is in the back.
    That's a great idea about Regis! I forgot about that, but I always see displays in their window. Maybe I should get my hair cut. I never felt like I was allowed to just shop there.
    Lol "The Circuit!" I need a new one. I just moved out here to Marlton in August and I need to start a new circuit! Did you know Whole Foods has nail polish? I blogged about a couple of them. They largely suck and are expensive.
    I'll be reading your blog, nice talking in my comments! You better post some Vineland Treasure!!

  7. Oh yeah, and it is Chestnut!! I knew it was a tree. It's near the railroad tracks.

  8. I've never heard of this brand! I like these, though.

  9. I also love black vampy polishes and will never stop wearing them.
    I've always heard about that brand, but never see them anywhere here in SoCal.