Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aargh...A Dupe. I hate that.

I found this really pretty Essie - Bahama Mama and I should have known.

It's exactly like Borghese - Palermo Plum.

I love a nice plum. I'm at the point with polishes that I really need to check if I have something close. I'm not the kind of collector who needs every variation of something. You can see that the Essie is just slightly pinker.

My cuticles are so unhappy these days. Winter is getting really long. My application kind of sucks here too.

I'm busy watching the olympics! The luge guy makes me sad though.

Anyway, everyone, enjoy your day, no matter what kind of expectations are involved. It's still a great day and only a few weeks left to Spring and pedicure weather shortly after that!!

Lots of love to you!!


  1. Pretty jelly polishes.
    Just finished reading your RBL comments. I don't have any of them and they cost too much anyway. Sorry about your poor experiences. I'm sure lots of bloggers are excited/honoured to be involved in these collaborations but it does pose questions and big names (Scrangie) must attract buyers. I love Scrangie's blog but when do you sell your soul to the devil? You have to be sure the quality control is there.
    The only blog polish I have is a BB Couture Kelly's Green and I love it. So for me I have a positive experience.
    Good for you for your independence!

  2. Those are lovely, at least you will never run out of that color!

  3. I agree with gildedangel. That color looks really, really nice on you. You wouldn't want to run out ;)

  4. These are sooo pretty on you...I've been wanting the Borghese for awhile but it's hard to get here, so maybe I'll just look for the Essie instead! Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much everybody! I've never tried BB Couture. I've been thinking about ordering some of that and some Butter London, but just haven't done it yet. It's really fun to get nail polish in the mail. It's a surprisingly small package usually. I forget how little a bottle of nail polish really is.