Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Other Blogger RBL

The other of the three blogger RBLs is Mismas.

Now see this is only ONE coat. Mismas is courtesy of Michelle from All Lacquered Up. Look it up.

Just a teensy bit of cuticle pull (which is something that Michelle historically doesn't like).

ALU is one of the granddaddies of all nail polish blogs. It's a behemoth. Lots to see there.

How cool is it to have an RBL named after you?

This is actually a really lovely purple. In the bottle you can see a lovely blue collecting around the top before you shake it. This is a dark purple that holds its own and is in no way black or vampy. I think she really achieved her goal with this.

Except...I stand by my disappointment with RBL although this formula is way better than Scrangie. Cuticle pull? Really? When that's one thing that means a lot to Michelle?

This is one of the things that truly annoys me about marketing. It's so fake. RBL said "Let's jump on the blogger bandwagon and act like we care." They made these three blogger polishes, with their input and did not really listen to what was important to them.

Diatribe with no new photos - you can leave now if you want:

This is why I don't need a disclaimer for my blog although I should have a disclaimer disclaimer. I only post and review what I have paid retail and sales tax for. Or if I got it from someone for a gift or borrowed or stole from a family member or friend.

Many bloggers advertise and almost all of them get the products from the companies for free. That's fine and I love seeing the new stuff that's coming out, but I wanted to blog about the consumer experience and give some genuine buying advice for a product that you can never tell how it's going to act until it's on you. I hope the marketers pay some attention to blogs like this too.

I think we deserve quality products that make us happy! I know my nail polish makes me very happy during the day and I love trying it out, writing about it, wearing it around. I also love the fact that we can all get together and benefit from each other's experience and say, "I would really love to try that color, where can I buy it?" or, "I love that color but I'm not paying $18 for it if the formula sucks," or "My skin tone looks really terrible with that but maybe a bluer version of it would work." Stuff like that.

Thanks for joining me!


  1. Odd..I never get cuticle pull with RBL! Are you using a top coat? Also I'm a blogger but don't get items from companies - I review what I have and wear what I love :)

  2. I have never tried RBL (too rich for my wallet! Even at 50% off!!), so I have no input. A shame you've been so disappointed, but to be honest, the only one of the blogger colors that even appealed to me was Orbis Non Suficit (did I spell that right?!), so I haven't really cared about them. I get horrendous cuticle pull with certain brands when my SV is a little too thick.

  3. I'd have to tend to agree with the other commenters that your top coat might be to blame. My Seche Vite makes polish behave weirdly sometimes, so I'm sure other top coats have the same problem. I'm the proud owner of four RBLs (Drifter, Starfish patrick, Grunge and No More War) and I didn't have any problems with them. I WILL ADMIT that I don't...truly understand the hype about the brand. Or the price. They apply well, but so do a lot of polishes. Eh, oh well. I'll spring for them again when they're 50% off.

  4. Oh, and by the way...thanks for your sweet comment today. I really appreciate it. It gives me the warm fuzzies!

  5. I just found your blog....and I am in the "Geez, I love that polish, but can't spend $18 category"...I love the RBL.
    Some day I will, I just got a few Nfu-Ohs and I never thought I'd plunk down that kind of dough, either....LOL

  6. Hi Kaybee! I'm not really sure what you mean by cuticle pull but I've never experienced any application issues with Mismas. What base and top coat are you using?

  7. Kitty, Raz, Stephanie, Michelle - there is none. That is only one coat of Mismas. (Hi Michelle! Cool to see you on my blog!) I'm sure that another coat would have evened it out just fine. My point being, I expect a lot!!! Haha, I want $18 to freaking flow and be perfect. Well, $9 because that's the only way I'm affording RBL too. And with my experiences here I might not even do $9 any more. That's where I rely on Michelle and Scrangie to tell me what to buy. No More War, Bruised and Dead Calm (my last $9/per haul) were great. I wish RBL had taken more consideration with my beloved bloggers. They should be treated like royalty, not trick ponies. My base coat is Nailtiques Formula 2 which does really strengthen the nails.
    Stephanie, I'm a Sagittarius too!! Loving the rodeo posts!
    Yardsticks, lol I've been lemming Nfu-Ohs and I'm about to plunk!