Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random Swatch Generator

This is about me forgetting what-all I took pictures of and seeing what comes up in the camera memory card. Ready?

Oh yes. Orbis Non Sufficit - Rescue Beauty Lounge. One of the "blogger" ones.

It's an army green, but when army was green flowy camo, not pixellated camo. Like this.

See the green here? Like that. It came out slightly bluer on my camera.

(FYI - headbands are not army issue lol! Cool headband though. I'm an army brat and this is what camo looked like in the 80's.)

The Polish Addict is the one who designed this one. She is a lawyer, was in the process of passing the bar when she was working on this polish with RBLs designer.

Orbis Non Sufficit means "The World is Not Enough," a James Bond film.

I wonder if she was mad when Orly came out with Enchanted Forest around the same time. I bought Enchanted Forest first and I like it, but I like both of them. EF is more of an evergreen, ONS is definitely olive-toned.

Next I have OPI - Holiday Glow.

It annoys me that everyone and their dog is posting this color in their blogs.

Oh well. It's interesting to see it on different hands, right? And to get everyone's review.

This color's really beautiful, with pink glitter mixed into gold and brown. It's original to treat brown like a party color.

Next I have Inferno - Wet n Wild, which the love of my life picked out.

This is a deep, rich tangerine. It made me long for summer so I can put it on my toes! Remember toes?

I just did a pedicure yesterday and gave them some TLC. Boy, did they need it.

Behold the ghostly white hand. Wonder at its ability to blend into the white wall. But besides that terror, the Inferno is really very pretty. A mismatched name again. It's more of a shiny tangerine dress than a fiery conflagration.

And then there's OPI-Saphire in the Snow, with Merry Midnight layered on top. Because it came that way in this kit with a bracelet.

It's not at all blue, it's purple. I swear. I couldn't get the color at all. But Saphires are blue so I don't really understand this one.

Now talk about idiotic marketing. This says 2 holiday nail lacquers for 4 great looks. So I'm trying to figure out the looks:
1) Saphire in the Snow
2) Merry Midnight
3) Both layered
4) Add the bracelet?
Or do they mean each one layered over the top of the other with the bracelet and each by itself, or layered just one way and with or without the bracelet???

Layered it looks a lot like Holiday Glow only not brown. It has flakes instead of glitter. To illustrate my apathy, I didn't even take any other pictures or wear the bracelet, which is a nice silver cuff. I don't know why.

This is what I have for now, and hopefully will have more soon of the following:

I got the kit with the gold bracelet and Ginger Bells and Shim-Merry Chic, but I haven't tried it yet. I also gifted myself with SEVEN RBLs during their SALE!!! I got the three sparklers, the three bloggers and an awesome matte coat. More on those later. Teaser: I was a little disappointed!! Which surprised and dismayed me!!


  1. You've got to expect bloggers to post holiday colors during the holidays. If they didn't I'd be a little concerned. Inferno looks nice on you.

  2. I was totally pmsing during that post!! I'm annoyed more at myself than the other bloggers. I like to be original and so often, I'm not. lol.

  3. Aw, I understand. I always like to post unique colors, too.

  4. Hm... 4 looks... each polish on their own, and then each with the bracelet? Creative Math 101 is a pre-requisite for a marketing degree, perhaps.

  5. i got the OPI set as well with the gold bracelet, it actually says it somewhere in the box that the 4 looks is like this:

    1.just Saphire in the Snow
    2.just Merry Midnight
    3.Saphire in the Snow w/ Merry Midnight on the tips
    4.Vice versa as 3

    and i guess the bracelet was an added bonus :]