Friday, November 27, 2009

Posting From The Sickbed

I have the dreaded H1N1. I'm so bored and sore from laying in bed I decided to get up and do some nails. Forgive my application because I'm shaky-handed.

First we have two Fire Opals from Sally Hanson. My sister had extras so she gave me these. I heard they were hard to find.

Earthen Opal. I really didn't expect to like this at all, but it looks really cool.

It's sort of a reddish-coral. Very bright and notice-me.

It has a grainy, shimmery texture. It's quite sheer, but this is three coats.

I cropped this next one really close because my application was pretty spectacular.

Goldspun Opal. Extremely sheer. This is also three coats.

This has a nice pinky-gold shimmer. I think it would look nice layered, perhaps over a brown or tan? I'll have to give that a try. Maybe even over a gold.

It doesn't flatter my skin tone like this, just plain, and makes my nails look very stained.

I'm in love with these Claire's 3 in 1 Mixables.

The bottle I got was a little shaken. This is Liberty (supposed to be Red, White and Blue).

I got this cool fuscia shade from the red and blue mixture.

There's a sparse, chunky glitter and you just never know what you'll get! They dry matte so they're also very trendy.

Last we have a polish that I picked up on sale and tried and immediately dismissed because it seemed really outdated.

Chine Glaze - Princess Grace. I hated the frost and it looked pink and girly and like something my grandmother and mother wore, etc. etc.

Then you know what happened? I ended up wearing it all week because I just didn't have time to change it and I fell a little in love. It's a greyed-out pearly LAVENDER.

I didn't use a top coat and it wore like iron. It was very flattering, very business-like, and not too frosty. More pearly.

Also, anything with "princess" in the name just sells me. I don't know why.

So there's what we have for today. It is really awfully overcast and I was taking pictures from my bedroom window, but not too bad. Now I will be laying back down with my head spinning. Man, I hate being sick.


  1. Those are very cute colors, I hope that you feel better soon!

  2. I'm getting better, went to work for a half day, but ended up staying longer. I got it from my son who got it from school. We're both fine now, thanks!