Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Into Reds

This first one is making me mad because I totally forgot the important macro setting on the camera. It looks like this:

Don't forget. It's good for flowers and nail polish.

So this is way blurry, but it's China Glaze - Sacred Heart.

It's part of my search for a tomato red. Looks okay blurry.

Here it is closer and you can see the problem.

It's not tomato red, just plain red. It looks really different from the bottle which looked like a muddy tomato red, and interesting. This is four coats and it still looks too red and very uneven. Not happy.

Here is what really looks like a magenta to me (see last post, which did not look like a magenta and was supposed to).

OPI - Don't Toy With Me. Part of one of the holiday collections. At first it looks like yet another sparkly red, but this has pink tones and what looks like pink glitter. It's a subtle magenta and just what I was looking for!

This is my on-purpose, inside-out sweater.

I love it because it looks so wrong! Got it at Target, cheap, just thought I'd share.

Since I'm sharing, here's my bubba (generic word for male dog) Joe.

We got the chaise just for him, I think. He fits on it perfectly.

And here's the view with our kayaks.

There's a great blue heron hanging around this lake. If I can get a picture of that I'll post it. It's the most amazing huge thing you've ever seen.

I still have a few more reds. I went through a red thing when I wasn't posting. I also have a color that's so pretty but looks heinous on me so I'll post that for a laugh.


  1. I am totally stealing that macro flower picture from you. Most camera have this, mine did and I did'nt even know about if for months and months. I have never taken a photo that needed it, nor taken photos of anything that needed to be a close-up detailed photo-graph.

  2. Cool Deez Nailz, steal away, I'm all for internet freedom. I can't take credit for the macro flower, however, it's from google images. The dog, he is mine.
    Thanks for the compliments gildedangel and princess. I have a love of reds that I only got from reading nail blogs. There is really an amazing variety in red.

  3. Of course the chaise is for the dog. He knew it the minute he saw it. Beautiful view of the lake. What a wonderful place to wake up in. Hope you find the perfect red soon. My favorite red is such an oldie. It's Revlon Red. It's a blue-red not the tomato you want. Sorry I don't remember a good one of the tomato variety.

  4. You know, Lucy, I'm going to go and get that! When I get a recommendation I know it's solid. Thanks! It is wonderful to wake up and look out at the lake and see what the weather is like each day. I really love having a view. One of my dreams! I love seeing the dog hanging out there too - he makes it look so relaxing!

  5. And Lucy, I love your picture!! Awesome to see you!