Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shopping For Myself

Because what are the holidays for except that you use all those holiday bargains for your own happiness? We should all just spend lots of money on ourselves. It's also my birthday around now, so more reason to buy myself presents.

Here's a stash I bought at the beauty supply store and Ulta the other day.

Look at all that holiday happiness! It almost makes me want to get in the mood and decorate. The OPI ones came with a free gold and silver bracelet.

On the left in the middle is Orly - Pixie Dust. And here it is.

You also get a pixie charm. I love this color. It's just enough gray not to be blue and it has silver micro glitter and tiny silvery-gray flakes. Pretty as anything. Work-appropriate? I say yes.

I found Essie - Jackie Oh My on sale but my pictures came out blurry for some reason.

I must redo this because it's beautiful. Sheer and subtly sparkly, applies without streaks, made my nails look amazing.

You can almost see the shimmer in this one.

For you younger folks, there was an autobiography called Jackie Oh! about Jacqueline Onassis (Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of pres.). She was a big fashion scion in the late 50's, early 60's. Tab collars, giant sunglasses, pillbox hats, etc. Really cool fashion of the time. Her eyes were very far apart. You gotta look that up now don't you?

I bought some Jessie's Girl because I wanted to test it out. It was very cheap, like $2 or something at CVS. The bottle is a little rectangle.

This is called Midori. Good name. It's a little pearly for my taste. Just looks kind of cheap. Like the kind they put in little girl sets with a disney character or snoopy or something.

Here's a Midori Sour. I could go for one of these right about now.

Here's my overdue Halloween effort.

Such a cute bottle! I will always love bar glitter, but it always looks hairy. Good for Halloween. This is called Fantasy Makers - Black Magic. It's clear with pink, blue, yellow and black bar glitter.

Here's an old CG Nailslicks I found somewhere. It's called Midnight Forest.

I like the name, but don't really see any green here, if that's what they meant.

It reminds me of Sally Hanson - Gunmetal more than anything. Let's see if I can find my swatch of that.

Yep, it's a little darker, but much the same feel.

Next post will be all those new holiday things I got!! MAYBE I'll start doing them NOW!!


  1. I just wore the CG Midnight Forest yesterday! It looked greenish black on me. Really pretty.

  2. I started! The Color Clubs are amazing!