Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AARGH The Cords Don't Work

So I have to look thru the manual and figure out what kind of cord I need to buy....

I have off next week so I will make it a priority to find that out.

In the meantime, this morning I put on some Wet & Wild - Wild Orchid because I was in a purple sparkly mood but I forgot it needs like six or seven coats for opacity and I swore I would only buy expensive stuff from now on.

But then I had on some OPI Suede stuff last week it stained my nails and I swore to buy only cheap stuff.

So, no pics yet, but promise, coming soon. Until then, I'll put on another coat of Wild Orchid...


  1. Hm, I usually only need three coats of Wild Orchid. Maybe you got a bad bottle :(

  2. I guess so...three doesn't do it at all, but I really love this polish! It has happy sparkles, and it dries really quickly, so 17 coats is not at all a hassle!

  3. Did you use a base coat with the suede? I love the look of them. I hate for them to stain my nails.

  4. I use a base coat nearly all the time. This suede is pretty dark and probably would stain.